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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

It is indeed All Star Week, and well, Diane and I sort of inadvertently jumped the gun heading off to our annual trip with our music crowd to the Eastern Sierra.

Normally, there is easy wi-fi up at the funky Long Barn Lodge, but a busy schedule and crappy wi-fi pretty much forced me into an early break, and truth is, up in the mountains like that, with a chance to play music and goof off with our friends all day all weekend was hard to resist.

So, I took it as a sign the universe was saying to start the break early, which reminds me that this is the time I do indeed write this year about just that: how important it is to let go of baseball for a few days this time of year.

I am not saying don't watch the All Star Game, but, here are some things I would suggest you do during this brief respite from DFS, throw back leagues, and your Ultra rosters.

1) Do indeed get away if you can, especially where your cell phone and internet connection is at best iffy. The world will not stop, and you will actually feel kind of reinvigorated doing so.

2) Relinquish control of the clicker to your family. Period. Let them dominate what they want to watch, even if it is Hollywood Hillbillies, or the Kardashians, or whatever. It is the least you can do if they get to endure endless "MLB Tonight" and especially if you play fantasy football as well.

3) Take your partner for a romantic ride or walk or dinner or play or some combination of all these things or some variation.

4) Do the same with your kids, if you have them: ask them what they want to do (within reason) and join them in the activity, accordingly.

5) Remember that there are still 10 weeks left in the season to be neurotic, second guess, plan for next year and trade for this year. That is still a lot of time.

We will pick up our regular schedule on Thursdays through the baseball season, covering DFS and season-long leagues, along with Rotisserie Duck, Articles of Configuration, Bed Goes Up, Diary of a Fantasy Madman and the Hotpage, plus we will begin our 2015 Football Coverage that will include Marc Meltzer's Hotpage and a lot of coverage of both season-long and DFS football contests.

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