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Monday 16th Oct 2017

Welcome to another Tuesday at the FanDuel Tout Wars Challenge, where for just $2 you can not only have a chance to double your money, but own bragging rights in whipping the Touts in the DFS format (Click to play: FanDuel).

There is a lot of precipitation anticipated out there, so watch games in New York, Pittsburgh, Washington, Cleveland, and Denver, so check with Mother Nature along with the rosters posted as game time nears.

As for pitchers, all the guys I like are facing rain, but for now, I am still going Francisco Liriano ($10,200) facing the Padres at home (I also like Corey Kluber @$11,000 and Max Scherzer @$12,500).

As for hitters, Jason Heyward ($3400) is telling me he wants to hit off Dallas Beeler so bad he can taste it (well, his karma is) and I am also liking Jimmy Rollins ($2400) as an inexpensive but potentially productive shortstop as he faces Chad Billingsley.

Remember, you can trash talk about whipping the Touts and make a handy $2 profit at the FanDuel Tout Wars Challenge!


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