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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

Part of the challenge that comes with playing in so many fantasy leagues is the need to diversify, especially if most of your leagues follow the auction draft format. In auctions, you have more control over the players you draft, and while it is often tempting to take the same guys over and over again, I try to mix things up as best as I can in an effort to protect myself against injury or underperformance. One ruined team is bad enough. Two ruined teams is worse. Three, four or five ruined teams is unacceptable. This isn't to say that I purposely avoid drafting certain players simply because I already drafted them in multiple leagues. But, when choosing between two or more players who I value similarly, I use this factor as a tiebreaker of sorts.

Ultimately, however, I have found that owning the same player in multiple leagues is unavoidable, mostly because when putting together my target list, my main objective is to identify guys who I feel are being undervalued. And, if they are undervalued in one draft, chances are they will be undervalued in more than one draft.

On that note, as we arrive at the halfway mark of the 2015 season, here's a look at five players who I own in at least two leagues but regret owning in at least two leagues, or even one league for that matter.

Adam Jones - While it might be a bit harsh to say that I regret owning Jones, the bottom line is that he has yet to come anywhere close to giving me even an equal return on my draft day investment. After averaging 31 homers and 95 RBI per season from 2012-2014, the Orioles centerfielder is on pace to finish the year with 20 homers and 74 RBI. Top-15 fantasy player? Not quite.

Mark Trumbo - Coming off a 2014 campaign in which he swatted 14 homers despite being limited to 88 games due to injury, Trumbo seemed primed for a bounce back season, especially considering that he would be playing half of his games in home run-friendly Chase Field. Trumbo posted a decent but not great stat line in 46 games with the Diamondbacks this year (9 HR, 23 RBI, .805 OPS) , but since getting traded to the Mariners, he's been an absolute mess, batting .139 with one home run, five RBI and a .361 OPS through 22 contests. Although Trumbo's 2015 campaign can't get much worse, I'm not expecting much. Spacious Safeco Field won't do him any favors.

Elvis Andrus - I wasn't counting on Andrus to all of a sudden turn back into the shortstop who averaged 90 runs and 33 steals per season from 2010-2013, but I did expect 25-30 swipes and roughly 80 runs. If Andrus continues at his current pace, he will finish the year with 60 runs and 18 steals, and he's batting .240 through 79 games. The good news is that he is still just 26 years of age. The bad news is that the decline has been so steep that I'm not too optimistic about his chances of rebounding in 2015 or beyond.

Austin Jackson - I thought that a full season hitting atop an improved Mariners lineup would do Jackson some good. I thought that he would be a reliable source of runs and steals. I thought wrong. At least it didn't cost much to draft him because if it did, I'd be in trouble being that I own him in three leagues. Jackson is currently on my bench in all three of those leagues. He did miss some time due to injury, but even when healthy, the production just hasn't been there. I have no intention of drafting him in 2016.

Ian Kennedy - Any discussion about disappointing players wouldn't be complete without checking in on Kennedy, whom I continue to draft every year despite his continued inconsistency. He has pitched better of late, though his eight unearned runs over his last two starts shouldn't go unnoticed. Home runs have always been an issue for Kennedy, but after allowing a reasonable 16 longballs across 33 starts last season, it seemed like he was  making strides in that department. As it turns out, it was all a tease. Through 14 starts this year, the Padres righty has already served up 17 homers.  

But I'll probably draft Kennedy again next year. And, again the year after that.

At least in one league.

Or maybe two.

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