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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017


Truth is I have not checked the standings the last few weeks, mostly because my DFS teams here at the FanDuel Tout Wars Daily have been so awful that I am sure to be out of the running this cycle.

There are some great twirlers out there today, but since my point total is low in the tourney, I am going with John Lackey ($8600), hoping he can throw for seven innings and simply whiff a hitter per frame.

As for batters, I took a minor stack with Andrew McCutchen ($4200) and Josh Harrison ($3300), who are facing rookie Williams Perez. Perez has good surface numbers, but hitters are getting on to the tune of a .324 OBP and Williams has a 1.377 WHIP thus far, so I am hoping (praying?) some of the dancing with runners on that Perez has been getting will come to an end.

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