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Saturday 23rd Sep 2017

This past Monday, Todd and I were among those drafting in the ""B" League of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), which convened in Manhattan.

There are indeed two leagues, with the "A" competition getting the most ink, but the B contest is no cakewalk. The reason for the two formations is that the A setup was initiated several years ago, and there was enough of a demand for a second league that one was formed.

There is a nice twist in that the last place squad in the A league is "relegated" to the B one, and the winner of B moves "up" to A. Since Todd and I have made the playoffs the last two years (before getting eliminated), we have some incentive to win, and with the likes of William Del Pillar, Digger Turnbull, Steve Gardner, Howard Kamen and Nando DiFino as our B mates, there is certainly no cakewalk in the setup.

Z and I drafted in the 12 slot out of 14, so here is our roster and the best rationale for our players I can give (I am sure Z will chime in).

1. Jordy Nelson: Z and I both love him, especially in a PPR set-up.

2. DeMarco Murray: New team, same Murray. Fine with him as a #1.

3. Mark Ingram: Can run, and can catch on a team with a potentially explosive offense.

4. Julian Edelman: Another beast who gets a lot of targets and makes a lot of catches.

5. LeGarrette Blount: Part two of our Patriots run, Blount is just great as a flex play.

6. Roddy White: Another great target with breakout capabilities in the sixth round? Sold.

7. Brian Quick: Still looking at recievers, who are kind of like pitchers in fantasy baseball, as in cannot have too many. Was breaking out last year when he broke. Think he will pick it up this season.

8. Jordan Cameron: Happy with Cameron as our #1 TE. With all the weapons Ryan Tannehill has, Cameron should get a lot of chances to contribute.

9. Derek Carr: We had targeted Tannehill this round, and then Tom Brady, figuring we could pair him with the still undervalued Carr and stream accordingly. But, both went in the ninth, but just before our turn. So, we went with Carr first.

10. Colin Kaepernick: And, then nabbed the nimble Niner next. As long as they let Kaepernick play out of the pocket, he should be fine, and that means we should as well.

11. Donte Moncrief: Like the #2 target for Andrew Luck.

12. St. Louis Rams: I was pretty insistant that we grab the Seahawks defense, but we waited too long, so this was the next best D we could grab. I can deal.

13. Matt Jones: Kind of a rookie gamble, but a good one playing behind Alfred Morris. 

14. Eric Ebron: #2 Tight End, but I really like him as much as Cameron.

15. Phillip Dorsett : Cuffed to Moncrief as the #3 WR in Indianapolis. I love this pick.

16: Greg Zuerlein: Leg-a-tron is erratic, but he has a bomb for a leg and gets to play at least half his games indoors.

So, we shall see, but I like what we started with.

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