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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

I have worked hard as I have aged to learn patience.

By nature, I am not a patient man, but a combination of life's challenges has pretty much forced the issue, and I must confess that generally I prefer the calmness that comes with taking a deep breath while waiting to react or make a decision.

In general, that has ruled my fantasy baseball (and football, for that matter) strategies over the years, and I am comfortable for the most part as I understand if Derek Jeter bats .142 in April, but finishes the season with a .285 average, that should I trade or dump the former Yankees shortstop when he is cold, I am giving up five months worth of .310 hitting.

Meaning prudence in this case is both wise, and rewarding.

But, it is interesting to look at the Tout Wars American League Standings, where my team name seems indelibly stamped in at last place, and to look at the transactions at the halfway point of the season, per team, and see if making a lot of moves makes that much difference.

Team Place in Standings Points # of FAAB's
Chris Liss 1 88 21
Mike Podhorzer 2 87 13
Jeff Erickson 3 76 12
Jason Collette 4 75 27
Rob Leibowitz 5 70.5 15
Ron Shandler 6 66 15
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 7 65 16
Larry Schechter 8 62 11
Andy Behrens  9 58 11
Seth Trachtman 10 53 14
Steve Moyer 11 45 17
Lawr Michaels 12 34.5 9

Aside from Monsieur Podhorzer, who had arguably the best draft with 59 of a possible 60 offensive points in his basket, there clearly is a lot more aggressive roster swapping among the top teams than the lower tier of hopefuls, like me.

And, while I did make the biggest FAAB purchase thus far (Mark Trumbo for $83), nothing seems to help me, or for that matter any of my mates who populate the bottom half of the standings.

We all know that the early-season FAAB grabs tend to be the ones that pay off the best, and this season has been just an incredible one for advancing top prospects like Miguel Sano and Joey Gallo in the American League. 

But, despite the 34 FAAB moves made by the top two teams, the only really interesting and impactful players seem to be Lance McCullers and Shawn Tolleson by Chris Liss.

That tells me the key to winning is a lot more rooted in drafting the best team in the first place, and simply making it better via FAAB, because for the most part, my last place hope and goal is to simply climb to 11th.

It has been that kind of year.

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