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Sunday 24th Sep 2017

FScore-160x320The rain wrought havoc into Thursday’s Mastersball 50/50 Challenge, especially the delay in Cleveland that cost Danny Salazar owners innings and strikeouts. But, that is water under the bridge (pun intended) and we now move to another day. 

Three high-end pitchers head the Friday slate with Chris Sale ($9300), Sonny Gray ($9200) and Jacob deGrom ($8800) all top options. There is one low-end pitcher with strong potential on Friday in Tyler Lyons ($3700). The question with Lyons is whether he will go beyond five innings. 

Two inexpensive hitters have been red-hot recently. The Cubs called up Kyle Schwarber ($2800) to DH during a five-game stretch of interleague games. After posting games of 11 and nine points, today may be the last day to roster Schwarber on the cheap. Red Sox utilityman Brock Holt ($2800) has a six-game hitting streak, including eight hits in his past three games. As long as Dustin Pedroia is out and Holt hits in the leadoff spot, he is a good outfield option. 

Don't forget you can play against the other Mastersballers and me at Fantasy Score.

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