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Sunday 24th Sep 2017

Let’s play FantasyScore Mastersball 50/50 Challenge. Having said that, I must admit that today is not a cake walk. Ah, the fear and loathing of interleague play. In addition, be aware there are several early games that limit the choice.

Under ordinary circumstances, I would start Matt Harvey ($8800). His last outing though was discouraging. There must be a better way to spend his high salary.

Tsuyoshi Wada ($3800) was my other choice, but the Cubs’ Monday game was postponed and Jake Arrieta ($8700) may pitch today. However, when games are rescheduled, one is never sure who will play so it is better to stay away from the Indians/Cubs matchup.

Two pitchers whose last outings were very good and who are reasonably priced are Charlie Morton ($5300) and Garrett Richards ($5700), both playing at home.

On the hitting side, I do like Josh Harrison ($4300), who is batting at the top of the Pittsburgh lineup, Kole Calhoun ($4300) and Matt Wieters ($4500).

    Don't forget that you can indeed match up against the Mastersballers at FantasyScore.

    Follow Pasko at Twitter @varnica123. His work can also be found at SportsInAntiquity

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