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Friday 20th Oct 2017

The All-Star Break is still a month away, but that does not mean football is not on a lot of our minds. Earlier this week, 14 Fantasy insiders all participated in this year's "Fantasy Football Guide 2015, Professional Edition," coordinated by Rotoman Peter Kreutzer.

The draft was a mock, hosted by our good friends at MyFantasyLeague (easily the best Commissioner/Resource on the Net) and was what you would expect: typical, funny, surprising and curious towards the later rounds.

Rather than going through a serious analysis of each team, for today I want to just look at one interesting selection from each team. Note that the order of the teams themselves are in the actual draft order, as in Vlad Sedler selected first, and Jason Hoffmann last in the serpentine affair.

Ideally I will be setting up weekly mocks and analysis as the football drafts get closer. For today, here is a magazine preview:

Vlad Sedler (Rotowire), Robert Griffin III (15.01): A top pick three years ago, Griffin has pretty much gone the way of Jeremy Hermida in the baseball world. In this instance, Vlad took Griffin as a #2 signal caller behind Eli Manning for his team. This once again proves projected talent means nothing when push comes to shove.

Corey Parson (Sirius-XM), Austin Seferian-Jenkins (9.02): Corey is projecting a nice breakout for the big Tampa Tight End. Truth is he was not that much on my radar. Now he is.

Doug Anderson (FantasySportsNetwork), Martavis Bryant (5.03): Doug is reaching a little like Corey with Bryant, and a little earlier, but the reality is the WR bagged eight scores last year on just 26 catches, along with 549 yards. That is pretty good.

J.D. Bolick (Football Magazine Staff), Colin Kaepernick (12.11): Not unlike Griffin, save instead of injuries moving the Niners passer, it is his own ineffectiveness. Kaepernick can both run and pass, and theoretically the new coaches in San Francisco will let him get out of the pocket, do his thing, and make plays happen. I think there is a good chance of that, making this a really nice grab at the time.

Derek Jones (Football Magazine Staff), Tom Brady (9.05): Was it the five potential missed games (suspension plus bye) that dropped a top producer to the ninth round, or some kind of moral judgement? Derek did grab Matthew Stafford in the sixth round as ostensibly his #1 guy, which could make the Brady nab a steal.

l_bellLawr Michaels (Mastersball), Le'Veon Bell (1.06): Hmmm. Ok, Brady deflates balls, and loses four games. Ray Rice cold cocks his SO and gets two games, then a season. Bell gets caught with dope--which is indeed legal in two NFL cities--and loses three games? I wish I could figure out a baseline for what is ok and what is not and how to differentiate. Irrespective, I do think the suspension will be reduced, and Bell will be productive over the course of the season, so I can, as they say, take the "hit."

Lori Rubinson (WFAN), Adrian Peterson (1.07): Right after I bagged Bell, Lori grabbed AP, presumably no less afraid his skill set will suffer (actually a year off might be good) than Derek or I are facing the respective suspensions of Bell and Brady.

Marc Meltzer (Mastersball), Frank Gore (5.08): Marc basically went with a young first cluster of picks, but snatched up Gore two rounds after Carlos Hyde. This could indeed be a great selection on an offense in transition.

Stacie Stern (head2head Sports), Darren McFadden (9.09): The ever brave Stacie is ok taking McFadden and the obligatory roll of duct tape I told her came with the running back. Stacie responded that she was ok with his specialty role in Dallas.

Scott Swanay (FantasyFootballSherpa), Nick Foles (14.05): Foles was the 25th QB taken, and he should be fine as a back-up to Scott's sixth rounder, the wonderful Matt Ryan. Foles becomes a sort of combination of an expendable late back-up for Scott, along with being a potential dynamite-return-to-bust out guy who could displace Ryan given the right set of circumstances.

Jake Ciely (RotoExperts),  Rob Gronkowski (1.11): Gronk is a great pick, but a bold move to grab the Tight End #1, especially in deference to the cloud around Tom Brady, and especially with the emphasis on Running Back and Wide Receiver.  Still, if Gronk does bag 1,000 yards and 10 scores, it doesn't really matter where you draft them.

Tim Heaney (KFFL), Josh Gordon (15.12): Full disclosure: Tim was held up from the draft, and it went to autodraft, so Tim did not draft Gordon. Still, the question becomes why he was even available if he isn't going to play (do you really think his suspension will be modified after last year?).

David Gonos (MySoCalledFanasyExpert): Jameis Winston (14.02): Quarterback #23 of the draft went to my pal David, who looked aside rookie issues and more important personal issues to grab the Heisman recipient behind Peyton Manning on his team. Far be it from me to judge, but I prefer the transgressions of Brady, Bell, and Gordon, personally. I doubt Winston helps much this year, and I would not be surprised to see him in trouble again.

Jason Hoffmann (Football Magazine Staff), Andrew Luck (1.14): Like the pick of Gronkowski, this defines the path of the next five or six picks. Luck is for sure the #1 signal caller these days, and Jason picked up Andy Dalton in the 14th round to spell Luck. Personally, I like making moves like those of Jason and Jake, for though you have to nail Wide Receiver and Running Back slots, there are a lot of players and draft opportunities to do just that.

Stay tuned Thursdays as we try to prep for the 2015 NFL season, starting with some Mastersball mocks.

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