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Thursday 21st Sep 2017

FScore-160x320Join me at FantasyScore Mastersball 50/50 Challenge on an easy picking day with a full complement of games.

Some might opt for Max Scherzer ($9400) while others might choose to save by going with the new kid, Eduardo Rodriguez ($5800). But, Scherzer is in New York (‘nough said) and Rodriguez is just that, too new for me. So, I am going with an easy pick, Sonny Gray ($8800), playing at home against the Rangers. The second pitcher is a toss-up between James Shields ($7500) and the more expensive Corey Kluber ($8500). 

On the offensive side, batters to consider are Jhonny Peralta ($4800), Andre Ethier ($3500), Josh Reddick ($3900) and Ben Zobrist ($3700). The last three players are reasonably priced. Having them on your team will allow you to put together a well-balanced team.

Don't forget that you can indeed match up against the Mastersballers at FantasyScore.

You can follow Pasko @varnica123 and at SportsInAntiquity


0 #1 Pasko Varnica 2015-06-09 21:01
Many are high on Sonny Gray today. Are they right?

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