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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR is available below.


There are four Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League and 15-team Mixed Draft League. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Tout Wars uses a Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

The amount the owner paid is listed in a column followed by the non-adjusted Vickrey bid. The remaining bids for that player are then listed in order of amount. if the amount of an unawarded bid is greater than what was charged, the bid was a contingency bid by that owner and they were awarded a player of higher priority.




ERodriguez, Bos 37 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 37 Jeff Erickson 37 Seth Trachtman 36
Jason Collette 26 Chris Liss 24 Rob Leibowitz 24
Larry Schechter 9
CGonzalez, Tex 11 Jeff Erickson 35 Jason Collette 10
JDyson, KC 7 Larry Schechter 36 Mike Podhorzer 6 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2
ARosales, Tex 5 Larry Schechter 35 Mike Podhorzer 4 Steve Moyer 2
JShuck, CWS 4 Ron Shandler 9 Lawr Michaels 3 Steve Moyer 0
RamFlores, NYY 1 Lawr Michaels 3 Mike Podhorzer 2
ENunez, Min 1 Steve Moyer 1 Larry Schechter 7
INova, NYY 1 Chris Liss 3
JElmore, TB 1 Jason Collette 2
MMontgomery, Sea 1 Jason Collette 2
ENavarro, LAA 1 Mike Podhorzer 1
TCollins, Det 1 Mike Podhorzer 3
JSands, Cle 0 Steve Moyer 0


DLough, Bal Steve Moyer 0
KNieuwenhuis, LAA Mike Podhorzer 0

Rob Leibowitz' Commentary

This week the #1 target appeared to be Boston's Eduardo Rodriguez. The former Oriole had a good season debut and there is reason to believe he might be in Boston to stay if he can follow up strong in his following starts. The 22-year-old lefty is known for his command, keeping the ball on the ground, and having a plus fastball/change-up combo and solid slider. He has perhaps more upside than any other member of the current Boston rotation and has nothing left to prove in Triple-A, so a reasonable investment is in order. The question though is how much FAAB do you risk on a rookie pitcher with a possible #2 starter (more likely #3) upside. Typically, in my mind, into the high teens, but I opted for the mid-twenties given the dearth of the market, though he ended up going for more than one-third of a team's remaining FAAB budget. That's a substantial risk for a pitcher with just one game of MLB experience and no guaranteed roster spot.

Todd's Take

I'm not saying he's all that but I'm a little surprised David Lough wasn't picked up this week. Baltimore has shown to be impatient with a few of their fringe players and he's the type that can get on a little roll and help a deep AL-only squad for a spell.




CRobinson, Was 2 Phil Hertz 2 Gene McCaffrey 1
CBettis, Col 1 Steve Gardner 1 Phil Hertz 2
MWisler, Atl 1 Tristan H. Cockcroft 1
EButler, Col 1 Tristan H. Cockcroft 4
TJordan, Was 1 Phil Hertz 3 Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
HStrickland, SF 1 Phil Hertz 7
CCapps, Mia 1 Phil Hertz 2
EYoung, Atl 1 Mike Gianella 3
SPiscotty, StL 1 Mike Gianella 6
JLobaton, Was 1 Mike Gianella 1
JHoover, Cin 0 Peter Kreutzer 0
BTreinen, Was 0 Derek Carty 0 Steve Gardner 0 Phil Hertz 0


CKnebel, Mil Phil Hertz 0
CTorres, NYM Peter Kreutzer 0
DThayer, SD Peter Kreutzer 0
JTabata, Pit Derek Carty 0
RDelgado, Ari Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
SGonzalez, Phi Phil Hertz 0
SKelley, SD Derek Carty 0

Brian Walton's Commentary

It was a quiet week in National League Tout Wars. The only player to find a new home for greater than $1 was Nationals first baseman Clint Robinson, who went to a local writer, Phil Hertz of BaseballHQ, for $2. The 30-year-old projects to be a reserve at first and corner outfield in Washington.

In a league with a small free agent pool such as this, even Rockies starters eventually find a home. This week, both Eddie Butler (Tristan H. Cockcroft) and Chad Bettis (Steve Gardner) were $1 additions. Both have been pitching well lately and these owners are savvy enough to avoid bad matchups – after the first week during which all pickups are required to be active.

Baseball Prospectus’ Mike Gianella made an interesting speculation play with Cardinals Triple-A outfielder Stephen Piscotty. Though St. Louis has a crowded outfield, Piscotty might be called upon to help out the big club cover for the loss of Matt Adams later in the season, if he can learn to play enough first base to be credible defensively.

Todd's Take

Brian alluded to it, the Tout Wars rule allowing the stashing of minor league prospects prior to being called up with the caveat you must submit a non-zero bid and keep the player active for the week. With so few viable options available, not only was Piscotty picked up but Tristan took a shot on Matt Wisler of the Atlanta Braves. Wisler was the primary acquisition in the Craig Kimbrel deal and with Eric Stults being shipped to the Dodgers, the Braves may opt to get Wisler some MLB experience so he's ready to go in 2017, when the new stadium in Atlanta opens. There's a reason why Tristan's the three-time defending champion.




TWalker, Sea 33 Nando DiFino 40 Joe Pisapia 32 Derek Van Riper 16
David Gonos 15 Tim Heaney 8 Ray Flowers 3
ERodriguez, Bos 33 Al Melchior 38 Joe Pisapia 32 Derek Van Riper 16
Scott Engel 14 Fred Zinkie 13 Tim Heaney 8
Zach Steinhorn 6 Cory Schwartz 5
BPaulsen, Col 7 Paul Singman 10 Derek Van Riper 6 Tim Heaney 2
Fred Zinkie 0 Cory Schwartz 0
BOberholtzer, Hou 5 Al Melchior 10 Paul Singman 4
MJoyce, LAA 4 Scott Pianowski 7 Cory Schwartz 6 Ray Flowers 3
Fred Zinkie 3 Tim Heaney 2 Fred Zinkie 0
ERamirez, TB 4 Tim Heaney 4 Ray Flowers 3 Al Melchior 2
MPelfrey, Min 3 Paul Singman 4 Al Melchior 6 Scott Engel 2
Scott Pianowski 0
CBettis, Col 2 Tim Heaney 3 Scott Engel 1
CarSmith, Sea 1 Paul Singman 3 Scott Swanay 4 Tim Heaney 3
BHolt, Bos 1 Derek Van Riper 6 Cory Schwartz 0 Scott Pianowski 0
TCingrani, Cin 1 Nando DiFino 1
YGallardo, Tex 1 Cory Schwartz 14 Scott Swanay 6
ROdor, Tex 1 Cory Schwartz 9
JJay, StL 1 Scott Swanay 6
AGriffin, Oak 1 Scott Swanay 6 Tim Heaney 2
DMurphy, Cle 1 Ray Flowers 2
JLocke, Pit 1 David Gonos 1
ERosario, Min 1 Tim Heaney 2
JDiaz, Cin 0 Nando DiFino 0


MEstrada, Tor Scott Swanay 6
GParra, Mil Scott Pianowski 4
MEstrada, Tor Scott Swanay 3
GBeckham, CWS Scott Pianowski 3
JGallo, Tex Tim Heaney 3
WPerez, Atl Al Melchior 2 Tim Heaney 2
CGonzalez, Tex Al Melchior 2
ODespaigne, SD Paul Singman 1
HOlivera, LAD Cory Schwartz 1
BRondon, Det Nando DiFino 0
VNuno, Ari Nando DiFino 0
CAsche, Phi Cory Schwartz 0

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

It was no surprise to me that Taijuan Walker and Eduardo Rodriguez were this week's top two FAAB additions. Their prices, however, were a surprise. Initially, I had leaned towards not making any bids. Walker, Rodriguez and Yovani Gallardo piqued my interest, but thanks to the Tout Wars rule that requires teams to activate all FAAB purchases for the first week after adding them, I was ultimately scared off from Walker and Gallardo. Walker is coming off a dominant outing last week, and maybe he has finally figured things out at the big league level. But the reality is that he has yet to post back-to-back quality starts this season, and I felt that he was too much of a blowup risk against the Yankees. Gallardo is another guy who I would've liked to add to my bench but wasn't quite ready to start. I did end up placing a conservative $6 bid on Rodriguez, figuring that he carried the least amount of short-term risk, but I guess there were a few other owners who valued him a lot higher.

Moving to the subject of bidding strategy, it's worth noting that two months into the season, Cory Schwartz was willing to empty his remaining FAAB budget of $23 to acquire the duo of Gallardo and Rougned Odor. But Vickrey rules knocked down the combined price to $2. Cory has his league mates to thank.

Todd's Take

Interesting -- Paulsen is available here but not in the Mixed League Draft league whereas Justin Bour isn't available in the Auction league but is available in the draft.

The under the radar pickup could be Carson Smith, now next in line in Seattle with Danny Farquhar sent to Triple-A. Smith is sporting a 26-to-5 strikeout to walk ratio in 22 innings.




JBour, Mia 12 Paul Sporer 13 Tom Kessenich 14 Perry Van Hook 11
Rudy Gamble 10 Adam Ronis 2 Tim McLeod 0
CMorton, Pit 7 Paul Sporer 12 Adam Ronis 6 Tim McLeod 1
Grey Albright 1
ERamirez, TB 5 Paul Sporer 7 Adam Ronis 4 Grey Albright 1
WPerez, Atl 4 Paul Sporer 6 Grey Albright 3 Perry Van Hook 2
MPelfrey, Min 3 Tom Kessenich 3 Tim McLeod 2
ARosales, Tex 1 Tim McLeod 2
JPeterson, Atl 1 Eno Sarris 14 Tim McLeod 1 Adam Ronis 0
MReynolds, StL 1 Tom Kessenich 22 Greg Ambrosius 9
AColome, TB 1 Grey Albright 1 Tom Kessenich 1
MDuffy, SF 1 Greg Ambrosius 9 Eno Sarris 3
RVogelsong, SF 1 Perry Van Hook 11
CQualls, Hou 1 Paul Greco 2
BOberholtzer, Hou 1 Paul Greco 3
ERosario, Min 1 Greg Ambrosius 3
RChirinos, Tex 1 Greg Ambrosius 6
CBettis, Col 1 Paul Sporer 4
JTurner, LAD 1 Rudy Gamble 2
PCorbin, Ari 1 Adam Ronis 1


CGonzalez, Tex Paul Sporer 3
BPena, Cin Tom Kessenich 1
JSmoak, Tor Tom Kessenich 1
CAsche, Phi Tim McLeod 0

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

Perry is away spending some time with family.

Todd's Take

Maybe I'm misreading the tea leaves but I'm a little surprised that not only was Jace Peterson available but he didn't garner more attention. Jose Peraza is dabbling in the outfield, leaving the keystone sack in Atlanta to Peterson. He's been installed as the leadoff hitter and it agrees with him. Perhaps this is a residue of DFS and looking for players at the top of the order but in a 15-team mixed league, Peterson deserves to be on an active roster.


There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo..




Eduardo Rodriguez, BOS 54 RotoWire 54 Colton & The Wolfman 23 Baseball HQ 21
USA TODAY Sports 13 FantasyScore 7 Winning Fantasy Baseball 4
Chi Chi Gonzalez, TEX 6 Baseball HQ 6 FantasyScore 1
Adam Rosales, TEX 4 Winning Fantasy Baseball 4
Buck Farmer, DET 4 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 4
Brad Brach, BAL 3 FantasyScore 3
Hanser Alberto, TEX 2 FantasyScore 2
J.B. Shuck, CWS 1 Fangraphs 1


Josh Fields, HOU FantasyScore 2
Shane Robinson, MIN Fangraphs 1
Eric Sogard, OAK Winning Fantasy Baseball 1

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

The Captain is spending time with family. If he has a chance to check in we'll share his thoughts.

Todd's Take

Sometimes you throw analysis out the window and bid aggressively on the chance you hit gold. Truth be told it's not an element of the game that I'm fond of but that's the way the hobby has evolved. What we know now is Eduardo Rodriguez will get at least one more start. He obviously looked great in his debut but he's not going to have it that easy every time. I took the plunge in a couple of NFBC leagues. I have no idea how he'll do or if he'll stick (I think he will). But after suffering through Shane Greene, Drew Hutchison, TJ House and a few other hurlers I expected more from, I've got nothing to lose. I'm guessing Chris Liss feels similarly.




Brandon Barnes, COL 9 USA TODAY Sports 9 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 3 Baseball HQ 3
Sandlot Shrink 2
Sergio Romo, SF 8 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 8 Colton & The Wolfman 2 Baseball HQ 1
Chad Bettis, COL 7 Sandlot Shrink 7 Colton & The Wolfman 5
Williams Perez, ATL 5 Colton & The Wolfman 5 Baseball HQ 1
Chris Stewart, PIT 2 Sandlot Shrink 2 Baseball HQ 1
Ruben Tejada, NYM 1 Fantasy Insiders 1 USA TODAY Sports 6
Justin Grimm, CHC 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1


Skip Schumaker, CIN USA TODAY Sports 2
Tucker Barnhart, CIN Sandlot Shrink 1 USA TODAY Sports 1
Abraham Almonte, SD USA TODAY Sports 1
Adam Liberatore, LAD NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1
Blake Treinen, WSH NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1
Cameron Rupp, PHI Sandlot Shrink 1
Dale Thayer, SD NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1
Luis Avilan, ATL NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1
Pedro Ciriaco, ATL USA TODAY Sports 1

Lawr Michaels' Commentary.

It always seems like you cannot have enough pitching, but in a deep format like NL 12-team only (hint, LABR) at-bats are also a serious part of the equation, so there was a bit of a rush for the Rockies Brandon Barnes. Steve Gardner (USAT) wound up with the rights, but for $9, outbidding three other wannabee owners.

On the stick side of the dish, Bob Rodamski (Sandlot Shrink) nabbed Chris Stewart ($1) and Steve Moyer (Fantasy Insiders) picked up Ruben Tejada, also for a dollar.

I actually grew impatient waiting for Santiago Casilla to struggle, so last week I grabbed Carter Capps, and dropped Sergio Romo. MIstake? I don't know, but Greg Ambrosius and Shawn Childs (NFBC/STATS) thought enough of the Giants reliever to bid $8 on him, when again three others made bids.

Gambling on starting pitching, Chad Bettis also went to the Shrink for $7 (bids of $5 and $3 failed), while Glenn Colton and Rick Wolf (Sirius_XM/Fantasy Alarm) picked up the Braves Williams Perez for $5, while the Ambrosius/Childs team also rostered Justin Grimm ($1).

Todd's Take

I'm a little surprised there wasn't more play on Ruben Tejada. Yeah, I know, but he's now the every day Mets third baseman and at least for now he's hitting second. In a league as deep as NL LABR, that's worth something -- especially since he'll soon have dual middle and corner eligiblity.




Ben Paulsen, COL 21 Razzball 21 Baseball Prospectus 5 FantasyScore 1
Rotowire-Erickson 1
Justin Bour, MIA 10 Razzball 10 Rotowire-Erickson 5 ESPN.com 4
FantasyScore 4
Eduardo Rodriguez, BOS 10 Rotowire-Erickson 10 Fangraphs - Sleeper & Bust 18 MLB.com 9
Razzball 3 Baseball HQ 1
Mark Reynolds, STL 6 BSports 6 FantasyScore 1
Williams Perez, ATL 5 Fangraphs - Sleeper & Bust 5 BSports 2 Rotowire-Erickson 1
Erasmo Ramirez, TB 5 Fangraphs - Sleeper & Bust 5 Rotowire-Erickson 1
Justin Turner, LAD 2 ESPN.com 2 FantasyScore 3
Chad Bettis, COL 2 ESPN.com 2 Fangraphs - Sleeper & Bust 4 Rotowire-Erickson 1
Tony Watson, PIT 1 Razzball 1
Juan Uribe, ATL 1 Rotowire-Erickson 1


Raisel Iglesias, CIN Fangraphs - Sleeper & Bust 4
Adam Warren, NYY Fangraphs - Sleeper & Bust 3 BSports 1 Rotowire-Erickson 1
Brandon Barnes, COL Razzball 3
Michael Taylor, WSH Razzball 3
Chi Chi Gonzalez, TEX Rotowire-Erickson 2
Carter Capps, MIA Fangraphs - Sleeper & Bust 1
Hunter Strickland, SF Fangraphs - Sleeper & Bust 1
Aaron Hicks, MIN Rotowire-Erickson 1
Ryan Vogelsong, SF Rotowire-Erickson 1
Will Middlebrooks, SD FantasyScore 1

Todd Zola's Commentary

My catchers both stayed healthy this week so there wasn't a reason for me to bid. Lame jokes aside, I opted not to go after Rodriguez mainly because I figure I have one shot at getting my pitching fixed and I'm not ready to go all-in without exploring other avenues. I'm carrying three closers and will likely try to spin one into a starting pitcher, see where I am and go from there.

Todd's Take

It's going to be interesting watching Ben Paulsen versus Justin Bour. They profile eerily similar. Both are injury replacements with similar minor league careers. They're both lefty swingers that are basically in a platoon. Bour is hitting .361 with 4 homers while Paulsen is hitting .359 with 3 homers in a little more than 20 fewer at bats. The difference? The reason why Paulsen garnered a little more attention and higher bids? Coors Field. Paulsen plays in Coors while Bour plays in Marlins Park. Heads up I prefer Bour since I sense his stay on the field may be longer. Justin Morneau will not be Wally Pipped (though he does have a history with concussion woes). Mike Morse could be Boured.

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