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Saturday 23rd Sep 2017

OK, to start I don't intend to always write about the dogs of the baseball wars when I write about transactions. But, for the most part, it is more intriguing to note that Kevin Millar, Seth McClung, and Brad Wilkerson, all of whom were released over the past couple of days, are possibly at the end of the line. For in the baseball world, there is always an edition of "Where Are They Now" for every stage of every career.

Of course, there is always hope.

To prove this I want to refer to pitchers Scott Schoeneweis and Mike MacDougal, both of whom were also released over the previous week. In fact I had the temerity to write about Schoeneweis, a 35-year old with a career 46-57, 4.77 record, back in Life and Death in the Transactions #5.

That was just after the Brewers signed Schoeneweis to a minor league deal. Well, March 21, the Brewers decided maybe it was not such a good idea to keep the lefty who was 1-2, 7.12 last year, no matter he deep the dearth of southpaws in the big league world was.

Miracle of miracles, the Red Sox came along, wooing Schoeneweis, signing him to a deal March 26.

As for MacDougal, who had seen four teams between 2006 and 2009, well, he was signed during the off season by the Marlins, his fifth team, and then released March 23, only to find himself signed the next day by his team previous to Florida, the Nationals.

Now, it is true MacDougal has 70 major league saves (although he has finished 187 major league games), but he also has a career mark of 14-21, 4.09, seemingly not so bad for a closer. However, over the 312 innings he pitched, while striking out 266, he also walked 165 and allowed 311 hits. True, it kind of looked like he had it together in Washington last year (1-1, 3.60, 20 saves) but with 72 each of strikeouts and walks, well, that too was an illusion.

Still he is indeed back in our nation's capital, as of last Saturday. Meaning there is hope for Millar, McClung, and Wilkerson.



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