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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

With half this cycle of the ToutWars Daily Challenge under our collective belt, I actually find myself just atop my Tout Mates with the best score and a shot at the August Tournament at FanDuel. The contest pits the Touts against one another each Friday, each month through July, with the top three point getters each month winning a ticket to the finale.

At this point, I need to play it a little conservative, so even though there are a lot of great pitching choices today, I am sticking with the uber-dominant Max Scherzer ($11700) facing the less than dominant Phils who have scored the least runs in the Majors thus far in 2015.

Because Scherzer is costing so much (nearly one-third) of my total salary cap, I had to look deep for some match-ups and bargains to flesh my team out, so I am starting with a couple of left-handed Seattle hitters who are facing Marco Estrada.

First sacker Logan Morrison and shortstop cum outfielder Brad Miller (both $2800) have some pop and Estrada does give up the big fly, so I am hoping that can be exploited.

Then, the Athletics might be my local favorites, but Scott Kazmir, who is no longer a hard thrower, has been struggline (0-2, 6.06 over his last three starts), so I am looking to Evan Longoria ($3400) and Steven Souza ($3200) to supply points from the left side of my infield.

Fingers crossed!

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