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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

It may be easier and simpler to play FantasyScore on a slow day like yesterday, a day with a small pool of players to choose from. Not too much head scratching needed. But, I think that days like today, with a full MLB schedule are much more fun. There are 30 pitchers playing today! Let’s have some fun at FantasyScore Mastersball 50/50 Challenge.

Talking about pitchers, my theory is that a good one, one with a strong history of strikeouts, will perform well in DFS. Consequently, I tend to spend a large amount of money on pitchers. Johnny Cueto ($8900) already has 56 K’s this year. He cannot be ignored but he is pitching in KC. I do not find this matchup deserving all that money. Michael Wacha ($7600) has less K’s than Cueto. However, he is at home against the Mets and has a nice 5-0 record. I do like him today. There are also cheaper alternatives worth mentioning. The most recent outings by Jose Quintana ($4900) and Anibal Sanchez ($6000) were impressive. They both won, with Quintana striking out ten and Sanchez whiffing eight, and they play at home today. You may want to consider one or both of these players if you are close to the budget ceiling.

The choice of hitters is a bit more problematic. It seems that weak teams are up against weak pitchers, but a game that might produce hits and runs is the Texas/Boston matchup. Both teams were off on Monday. Either Prince Fielder ($4600) or David Ortiz ($4900) is a valid option for the 1B position. Outfielders not to ignore from this game are Shin-Soo Choo ($3100) and Mookie Betts ($4900). Both are relatively inexpensive.

  Join me today at FantasyScore Mastersball 50/50 Challenge.


0 #6 Marc Meltzer 2015-05-19 23:53
Gonna need a lot of offensive help to cash tonight with Liriano in the books at -3 done after two innings
0 #5 Lawr Michaels 2015-05-19 19:51
i was flirting w/Liriano, but like the potential Shields victims a little better.

like i said, all over Fish hitters with Hellickson and his 1.73 WHIP.
0 #4 Al Geelhaar 2015-05-19 19:06
p - liriano, shields
c - vogt
1b - belt
2b - walker
3b - donaldson
ss - galvis
of - cruz, harper, reddick
0 #3 Marc Meltzer 2015-05-19 18:14
I am on Gray and Liriano. Also like the Marlins-D'Backs to be a high scoring game with Koehler now pitching in place of Cosart, but my offense is spread out all over tonight.
0 #2 Todd Zola 2015-05-19 14:52
anyone interested in taking a crack at competing with the Tout Wars gang, check this out http://t.co/3x3UYdD4NM
0 #1 Lawr Michaels 2015-05-19 14:35
I went Gray and Shields: both strong starters against the two top strikeout teams in baseball...and, like Fish hitters against Hellickson.

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