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Friday 20th Oct 2017

OK, maybe the cosmos are shining down on our moms. divining some funky weather in the country's mid-section, making games in Detroit, Colorado, and Pittsburgh iffy. On the other hand, that loosens up the family schedule for Mother's Day Brunches and other family plans.

Well, despite watching the game can indeed be a family affair, at the Mastersball 50/50 Challenge the gears keep churning. So, with that in mind, who am I looking at today?

I wanted to take a stab at the hot Kolten Wong ($4200) but sigh, that is a potential rainout, so I am going back with the pesky Cory Spangenberg ($1600) once more this weekend. The former first-round pick of the Padres has been nettlesome, putting up 14 points the last two days versus the D-backs, including five walks and a pair of steals. I am thinking he can keep it up and get another base-on-balls on the low side, making everything else gravy.

Then, the Metropolitans are facing Chad Billingsley, who is making his second start since 2013, so I like Lucas Duda ($4400) and Wilmer Flores ($2800) today.

Finally, there was a great piece on MLB.com on Andrew Cashner ($7100) and his mom over the weekend, so for Mother's Day, I am good with the 0-3, 3.60 mark his last three starts as he is pulling a whiff an inning, and well, he will do it for mom!

Have a great day with your mom (or whomever) and don't forget you can try to beat me and get the bragging rights at FantasyScore.


0 #3 Al Geelhaar 2015-05-11 05:50
Quoting lawr:
i got killed on my starters. ugh.

Zimmerman's a lot better real-life pitcher than DFS pitcher. He doesn't K enough guys. Cashner's a good K pitcher, but was on the road in a small park when there were better options pitching at home. Todd's first rule of DFS - "nail the pitching". King Felix was a must, IMO.
0 #2 Lawr Michaels 2015-05-11 04:05
i got killed on my starters. ugh.
0 #1 Al Geelhaar 2015-05-10 16:55
Although there is rain in the forecast, it doesn't look likely that there will be any rained out. They're even going to get in a game in Denver, at last!

p - hernandez, salazar
c - montero
1b - rizzo
2b - kipnis
3b - longoria
ss - peralta
of - gardner, gordon, holliday

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