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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

As I scour the near-full slate of games for Monday, I am having trouble putting together an offensive lineup that I am happy with. I am certainly going to continue rolling out Devon Travis ($2800) at second base until either the price catches up to his production or he cools down significantly.

While I am unsure on hitters, I have locked into two pitchers on Monday that I fully expect to put up stud numbers. David Price ($8900) was awful last week against the Yankees, but he comes back to face the Twins. 

James Shields ($7000) gets the strikeout prone Houston Astros in San Diego. I do expect the Astros to keep the game close with their own stud Collin McHugh ($5000) on the mound.

Don't forget you can play against the other Mastersballers and me at Fantasy Score.

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