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Friday 20th Oct 2017

The Zen versus Excel experiment has indeed begun between Lord Z and me. Todd and I had an extended discussion yesterday whereby he was debunking relying up Batter versus Pitcher (BvP) stats, suggesting the sample size is small, and that streaks and isolated success are not particularly good predictors. 

In fact, he wrote this fine piece for our friends over at Fantasy Alarm discussing just that topic.

I don't disgree with Z, although at some point push comes to shove, and while I do believe in the numbers, I also believe in trusting our hunches and instincts, no matter how anecdotal and silly that might seem.

Of course there will be more on this, but at least my picks of Dustin Pedroia and Alejandro De Aza yesterday worked out ok.

So, in that vein, I would take Gerardo Parra ($1900) as my bargain FantasyScore selection for today. Why? Well, over 17 at-bats against Lance Lynn ($6100), Parra is .471-2-2. 

I also like hit machine Jose Altuve ($6000) against Oakland Southpaw Drew Pomeranz (ok, it is hard to not like Altuve against anyone, right?).

Finally, I am on the Anthony DeSclafani ($3500) bandwagon, with a young pitcher facing a young Cubs team where today the weather at Great American Ballpark is supposed to be mostly sunny.

Which is what I hope your DFS foray is today.

Remember, you can take us on at the Mastersball50/50 Challenge at FantasyScore!

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