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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

A rugged Friday on all fronts, mostly thanks to Shane Greene, who lost his magic in a major way, but the beauty of baseball, as we all know, is the eternal optimism of next pitch, next at-bat, next inning, and of course, tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is today, and today I picked a couple of hitters who might well be under the radar, but point to some big success.

To start, though, I am banking that Matt Harvey ($7700) will help avenge the Yankees whipping of Jacob deGrom on Friday (last year's ROY barely fared better than Greene!), and pick up some whiffs while his mates take advantage of the "still learning to be crafty" C.C. Sabathia.

And, before we look at the outfield, if you are looking for a second sacker, Dustin Pedroia ($4400) has hit Baltimore's Wei-Yin Chen to the tune of .519-0-5 over 27 at-bats, while on the other side of the diamond, Alejandro De Aza ($2400) has clobbered Justin Masterson for .324-0-4 line over 34 at-bats.

Finally, Denard Span ($3100) is back full-time with his National mates, and though his sample against Tom Koehler is small (eight at-bats), the flychaser is hitting .378-0-1, making him an interesting play.

Don't forget you can duke it out with Rob Leibowitz, Marc Meltzer, and me at the FantasyScore Mastersball 50/50 Challenge, beat us, and brag to your buds!

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