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Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

As we lock and load for a full complement of Tuesday games, I am inclined to follow the lead of my Master Mate Marc, who likes the Rockies at home.

True, the team was pretty much pounded by the Pads on Monday, but I am steering clear of all the hurlers, and looking at Troy Tulowitzki ($6000).

But, to win big in this game, it is mostly about playing your cards right with starting arms, so I have Mark Buehrle ($4400), who I think can handle Baltimore in the early season with his "get ready to hit it because I won't give you much time to think about it" style. (OK, I confess that I will take the Jays Southpaw as much as I can during April because he is really quite good during the first month as well as being reasonably priced.)

Then, turning to the NL, the Giants just cannot score any runs, and I am guessing they will be overswinging when facing ground ball pitcher Brett Anderson ($4300).

You can match up against Marc, Rob Leibowitz, and me at the MB 50/50 Challenge at FantasyScore

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