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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

As I tweeted last evening, as the holocaust continued, I thought my FantasyScore squad had it made, with 16.43 points, in eighth place, going into the evening games. And, I had Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner ready to start. How could I lose?

I guess the answer is "easily."

In the end, we did ok (fourth) but hardly what I anticipated.

Baseball: it'll kill ya.

OK, so for Sunday, I would suggest any of the hot hitting Red Sox against Masahiro Tanaka, who has not showed much since returning from surgery. Not to mention, Clay Buchholz had a great first game, and might be realizing his potential.

Anyway, I like Hanley Ramirez ($5000), Pablo Sandoval ($4200), and Dustin Pedroia ($4300), among others in the Boston match-up.

On the hurling end, I was impressed with Dallas Keuchel ($5100) his first start, and have a feeling he will carve up the Texas batters. Of course, look what I thought Kershaw and Madbum would do.


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