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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

The baseball gods giveth: The baseball Gods taketh away.

As in what kind of crazy universe makes Kevin Kiermaier a more productive selection than Yasiel Puig? Well, yesterday he was, but, as Scarlett O'hara so boldly proclaimed, "tomorrow is another day."

So, tomorrow is today, and today I am sinking 38% of my FantasyScore salary cap on Madison Bumgarner ($9300 against the Padres) and Clayton Kershaw ($9800 against the Diamondbacks).

Ideally that will give me a 25-30 point base, and ideally the likes of Devon Travis ($2200 and off to a nice start) and Martin Prado ($3000) can pick up the slack in a Kiermaier-like fashion.

One other tip: I am on the fence with J.A. Happ, whom Oakland should destroy. However, a control nibbler like Happ could throw the Oakland bats off whack (Happ is 6-6, 4.36 over 27 career April starts). Not an endorsement, as the lefty has to face the red-hot Mark Canha (just $1800, and he kills lefties), but, like I said, those baseball gods are as fickle as the humans who are victimized by them.

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