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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

This Friday--in fact this weekend--there is some imposing precipitation threatening the middle of the country as well as the Eastern Seaboard, so I would shy away from games not either in a dome, or on the West Coast. Rainouts can only wreak havoc with the best of plans, so make sure to have a contingency.

For my Fantasy Score squad for Friday, I am favoring the following:

Mark Buehrle ($4400): OK, I know what I just said about avoiding the East, but Friday evening does look clear in Maryland (20% chance of rain), but I will still gamble on Buehrle, his quick pace, whose ability to control and move the ball around, coupled with hitters just coming out of camp and not necessarily having their timing down, as coming out on top. But, do check the weather before first pitch, and be prepared with a backup plan.

Matt Kemp ($4900): Kemp (who is hitting .385-0-2, amazingly, just like Angel Pagan and Derek Norris) has given the Giants early-season grief in the past, banging a pair of homers against the San Franciscans April 8 of last year. I want Tim Lincecum to do well, but I have both fears and doubts. So, I like Kemp.

Robinson Cano ($5900): Professional hitter, Robinson Cano, meet mostly effective pitcher, Drew Pomeranz. Cano is 2-for-4 against Pomeranz, and carries a .307-11-46 line against Oakland, and I am favoring Cano in the match-up even if it is lefty/lefty.

Don't forget you can play against the other Mastersballers and me at Fantasy Score.

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