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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Quite a weekend in the Big Apple as the AL auction not only kicked off Tout Wars weekend, 2010, but also our first partnering foray with the NFBC. As a result of the agreement, this time we drafted at Citi Field, instead of mid-town Manhattan. And, as much as I love being mid-town, it is not much of a ride on the subway (nothing close to what freaked John Rocker so many years back).

This year's AL draft, though, was the toughest ever.

One of the things that makes Tout hard to begin with is there is no real player loyalty, save the occasional man-crush, and players really are sold at value. And, that is fine. The problem this season was that principle held true, with Joe Mauer going for $30 to lead off, and other notables being Zack Greinke ($27), Ian Kinsler ($28), and, Arod, who topped the crowd pulling $38, a far cry from the injury-related $25 he cost me last year.

And, that is fine, but my real strength is the end-game, and holding enough money to control that portion of the draft. This year four other players went the same route, so getting an Alberto Callaspo for $7 as a sneak through (he cost $12), or Brett Gardner for $8 (he went for $18) just did not work.

As a result I wound up covering second base with Nick Punto ($8) and, shudder, Garrett Atkins for $13 (actually, Jason Grey said he has never seen me shudder quite so much.). Even players like Jhonny Peralta ($18) and Delmon Young ($14) maxed out their potential worth going into the draft.

The good news is everyone was equally hampered by this, meaning we all have a cluster of iffy, overpriced players.

How did I do? Well, I don't know how things will wind up. I really work hard on watching my money and building as much of a roster from everyday players as I can. But, for your edification, the results are below. They speak for themselves. I think.

  • C-AJ Pierzynski $13
  • C-Mike Napoli $16
  • 1B-Carlos Pena $24
  • 2B-Nick Punto $7
  • 3b-Chone Figgins $22
  • SS-Erick Aybar $16
  • MI-Cliff Pennington $7
  • CI-Garrett Atkins $13
  • OF-Jason Kubel $23
  • OF-Juan Rivera $13
  • OF-Ryan Raburn $10
  • OF-Jack Cust $14
  • OF-Eric Byrnes $5
  • DH-Pat Burrell $2
  • P-Jake Peavy $17
  • P-John Lackey $16
  • P-Mark Buehrle $11
  • P-Scott Feldman $5
  • P-Carl Pavano $3
  • P-Ian Snell $1
  • RP-Brian Fuentes $19
  • RP-Brad Ziegler $1
  • RP-Scot Shields $1
  • Res-Landon Powell
  • Res-Ramiro Pena
  • Res-Vince Mazzarro
  • Res-Gabe Gross



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