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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

It is a new season, for sure, and everything changes.

No stagnancy here at Mastersball, where we have partnered with our friends at USA Today to have a weekly Mastersball Challenge where you can indeed play against Brian, Rob, Zach, Pasko, and me and walk away with some actual cash--not to mention the satisfaction of saying you are smarter than we are--as part of the Fantasy Score's Guaranteed Prize contest.

If that is not enough, Zach and I will be posting right here at MastersDaily, every day, noting a pitcher and a hitter we like for the day (sometimes even more) to help you navigate through the fun, exciting, and somewhat addicting path that is Daily Fantasy Games.

Don't worry: we will still be writing about our season-long leagues, and our Scoresheet and Strat-O-Matic Leagues. Todd and Greg will still be writing regularly about their NFBC. The Hotpage and Diary of a Fantasy Madman and the wonderful Rotisserie Duck and Articles of the Configuration and the other articles you depend upon to help direct your fantasy decisions will still be here.

But, well, Daily Games are big fun, and if you haven't yet dipped your toes into that pool, we all think you will be more than smitten.

In addition, we will also be producing our Podcasts in which we will also offer hints and plays we like for every format, but with an emphasis on DFS.

What's not to like?

We hope you will play and get as much of a kick out of this effort as we are (we started playing the daily format during the NFL season, and Zach will also be placing his chips on some NBA plays as well).

Our first weekly contest--Fantasy Score 50/50 Weekly Challenge--is open now up and my roster is in. Fantasy Score is a pretty simple format: eight position players, two pitchers, with a $50K salary cap.

So, wiith thoughts of full disclosure, here is my squad this Sunday/Monday (this first contest covers the Sunday Night Opener, and then the balance of Monday games, but henceforth games will involve just a single day) game, and my logic behind my selections. 

And, Zach and I do indeed invite--or should I say challenge--you to beat us! It will be fun, all season long!

C: Yan Gomes ($5500): Like the Indians this year, and like the Indians backstop a lot. Opening Day is as much about guess work as anything, but I like this guess.

1B: Mike Morse ($3800): Morse clobbered six of his 18 homers in April last year, and is a hot starter traditionally. The price tag is just value added.

2B: Neil Walker ($4800): Probably the most underrated second sacker in baseball, does a little of everything, and against the Reds, I like Walker's chances.

3B: Brett Lawrie ($4500): Lawrie might have gotten some pop back late this spring, and the Rangers pitching looks pretty sad, so I am guessing Lawrie and his mates at home.

SS: Brandon Crawford ($3500): The Giants shortstop also tends to be hot out of the blocks, and again, Arizona's pitching staff is looking for some direction.

OF: Kole Calhoun ($4800): I doubt Calhoun will be this cheap in a month, and he's the best bet to simply get the best of Felix Hernandez is Opening Day.

OF: Alex Gordon ($4800): Another guy who is steady, and gets no respect, I like Alex to start against the White Sox. Defending AL Champ has something to prove.

OF: Jorge Soler ($4800): He's dangerous. And, maybe he can channel some Tuffy Rhodes Opening Day pop.

SP: Sonny Gray ($7500): I think he will keep the ball down, and have a good game at home against that same dissheviled Rangers team.

SP: Chris Tillman ($5900): Underrated, very steady, and he gets to open against another team struggling for an identity: The Rays.

Stay tuned through the season, and follow my thoughts @lawrmichaels, @zachMLB, and the game @fantasyscore.


0 #2 Lawr Michaels 2015-04-05 13:13
thanks Alley....

1. yep, need top join fantasy score, but do it now and the bonus is better (I suspect. early bird and all that).
2. yep, $5 so not a lot, and there is a ceiling to # of players, so one MB league fills, they will start another one. And, if we get good response, we could have more than once a week (this is to start).
3. User names are Zach, Lawr, Brian, Rob, Pasko. I think we all used our "real" names.
4. Yep, anyone can enter, but has to be more fun for our regulars to whip us, no?

0 #1 Al Geelhaar 2015-04-04 19:31
Sounds like a lot of fun. Couple of notes and questions...

1. You need to join FantasyScore and make a deposit to play, right? (I did, and like the bonus)
2. Is the contest above the "MastersBall 50/50 GPP" for $5?
3. What are your usernames (so we can brag if we beat you)?
4. Looks like anyone can enter (i.e. not only MastersBall subscribers).

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