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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

Like many fantasy owners, during the minutes, hours, and then days following my drafts, I spend way too much time second guessing myself. What could I have done differently to construct a stronger overall roster? Where did things go wrong? Now listen, I don't want to sound too negative here. Usually, more goes right than goes wrong. That said, when reviewing my drafts, I always have that feeling that I could've done better. And as much as I prefer auctions to snake drafts, the urge to second guess is even stronger when it comes to auctions. After all, every owner has a shot at every player, and if you fail to come away with a certain player that you coveted, whether it be due to not going the extra dollar or depleting your budget by overpaying for a number of other players, it's your fault. Using the draft position excuse isn't an option. On the other hand, it's unfair to beat yourself up too much. All you can do is make the best decision possible using the information you have at the time. Easier said than done.

Last Saturday, my fourth season in the Mixed Auction Tout Wars league officially got underway, and I spent far too much time during the proceedings shaking my head as one player after the next was bought for a bargain price after I had already filled that roster slot with a player purchased for list price. In most of these cases, I still prefer my guy, even when factoring in the price difference. But not in all of them. On that note, let's go around the diamond and take a look at the best buys at each position. The player I drafted for that spot is in parenthesis.

Yasmani Grandal for $8 (Wilson Ramos for $10 as C)

1B  Albert Pujols for $20 (Anthony Rizzo for $40 as 1B)

2B  Daniel Murphy for $7 (Kolten Wong for $17 as 2B)

SS  Alexei Ramirez for $12 (Elvis Andrus for $15 as SS)

3B  Pablo Sandoval for $12 (Kyle Seager for $22 as 3B)

OF  Yoenis Cespedes for $15 (Brandon Moss for $17 as OF2)

OF  Mark Trumbo for $9 (Brandon Moss for $17 as OF2)

OF  Nelson Cruz for $14 (Brandon Moss for $17 as OF2)

SP  Jered Weaver for $5 (Lance Lynn for $9 as SP3)

CL  Santiago Casilla for $4 (Glen Perkins for $12 as CL2)

Missing out on Cespedes, Cruz, and to a lesser extent Trumbo at those prices bothers me a little, but Moss was one of my main targets and I got him for fair value. Rizzo going for twice as much as Pujols looks ridiculous on paper, but again, Rizzo was both my first and second choice at first base. I'm not too high on Casilla this year, but since I later drafted Sergio Romo for $1, it would've been nice to lock up San Francisco's saves for a combined $5 as opposed to shelling out 12 bucks for Perkins, even though I consider that to be a fair price.

You can check out my full Tout Wars draft recap here

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