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Friday 20th Oct 2017

Welcome to Mp3stersball, a new feature where we will be posting at least one new audio bit every day. They'll all be archived here so you can catch up any time.


June 3 Toddcast - Keeper League Dynamics: No Regrets

May 28 Toddcast - Are Hitting Streaks Predictive?

May 22 Toddcast - Don't Want to Roll with the Changes

May 21 Toddcast - Know Thy Rules

May 19 Toddcast - Picking Pitchers in DFS

May 15 Toddcast - Introducing Tout Daily.

May 14 Toddcast - Todd's trading pet peeves.

May 13 Toddcast - Thought's on batter versus pitcher in DFS.

May 12 Toddcast - Todd's back with a lesson on sample size and strikeout rate.

April 26 FolkLawr - Managing Early Season Freak Out

April 10 FolkLawr - Weather or Not

April 5 FolkLawr - Dr. Patience

April 1 Toddcast - Todd discusses what to do when teams are using gimmick strategies in an auction

March 31 FolkLawr - Lawr discusses deflating inflation.

March 29 Toddcast - Todd reviews his NFBC teams: AL and NL only plus the Main Event

March 27 FolkLawr - Lawr on getting in the draft while staying out of the draft

March 27 Toddcast - Making Projections Your Own

March 26 Toddcast - Welcome to Las Vegas and a warning for those using Draft Software

March 25 Toddcast - Mastersball, Tout Wars and DFS

March 24 Toddcast - The Art of the Jump/Freeze Bid

March 19 Toddcast - Todd discusses keepers in snake draft leagues

March 18 Toddcast - Todd explains why you should replace the word value with potential

March 17 Toddcast - Todd rants on the misuse of the word regression

March 16 Introducing Mp3stersball - Lawr and Todd introduce our new feature

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