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Friday 15th Dec 2017

Sorry all for the late post, but, well, it has been a busy bunch of days in New York preparing for both defending my Tour Wars AL title, and then my first foray into the NFBC Classic event.

It was sort of a whirlwind thanks to Jet Blue, to start, who cancelled my flight from Oakland to JFK at 8:30 at night, via email, when my plane was lifting off at 8:00 a.m. the following morning. Lucky I had my handheld, and I am still wondering. I was told my flight to New York was cancelled because of weather, but I am unsure why my return flight, five days later, was also cancelled?

OK, enough of a diatribe, for once I got here, well, if you know New York and how alive it is, it is a pretty good tonic. This year Tout is partnering with the NFBC, so we are staying in the Chinatown--although that is a misnomer as Asian, a more comprehensive word, really describes it better--and it is great.

To the point there are Chinese and Thai and Japanese restaurants all over, as well as a burger joint which claims both The Times and The Post declared theirs the best in the New York Area. And The New Flushing Bakery had deadly pork and red bean buns which are a terrific breakfast munchie.

Thursday I went into Manhattan for lunch with Andy Regal at one of my favorite places, Virgils, where my favorite wings are spicily and smokily present (man, are they good). It was a nice day, with sun, so I sat at Times Square for a while watching the world go by, and then went to my favorite music store in the city, Rudy's Music on W. 48th and ogled Rickenbackers and pedals and vintage Teles, striking up fun conversations with my fellow oglers.

In the evening I hooked with Dean Peterson and his partner, Angie, and with JP, we went back into town and met Jed Latkin and his wife Amy at Five Napkin Burger for a killer burger, and some amazingly good sushi, onion rings, and more wings (what is it about wings?).

Yesterday (Friday) I met Cory Schwartz and Mike Siano for breakfast and finished some work at MLB.com until the afternoon when Mike and I toddled back to Flushing for the AL Tout Auction at Citi Field (it's nice).

Now it is the NFBC that looms, followed by the premiere of Fantasyland, and tomorrow are the Tout Mixed and NL auctions.

As with going to the AFL, this is just a fun time drafting. I am sure you all have similar experiences reconvening with your league mates at auction time each year.

Springtime is really about renewal. The weather days get longer and we can stretch out to the warm sun, just like the new blooming flowers. And, a new season of baseball looms, fresh and new. A time when even the Pirates and Royals are in the hunt.

How can you miss?


0 #3 Lawr Michaels 2010-03-29 21:36
thx alex. good luck to you,and yes, it was a lot of fun (although i fear team 9, who drafted mauer and vmart one and two might be in for a longggggg ride.

we are starting our weekly look at the nfbc this week, and i get to kick it off with a look at our draft. you guys have a nice team. i am always nervous playing against my buds cory and mike. and, i am told the guys to my right were called the silent assasins, so that is worthy of note.

and, well, a brilliant lineup on draft day can seem not so brilliant on october 5, you know?

stay in touch. i am not huge at posting on the nfbc boards, but i try to stay on with our forums.

again, here is to a good season!
0 #2 George Vagelakos 2010-03-28 20:08
Hey Lawr....a good time drafting with you and Mastersball at the NFBC on Saturday at Citifield....My son and I sat to your left and you put us right at ease...thanks again and keep on keeping on......... alexnjeb.......
0 #1 John Verdello 2010-03-27 16:36
Yeah, the Flushing area has gone through quite a cultural diversification over the years - from Gertz and S. Klein's and Robert Hall's and Joe Dimaggio's restaurant to a melting pot of Korean, Vietnamese, some Chinese and Japanese - but the #7 elevated still lives, Northern Boulevard and Main Street still hustle and bustle - I'll have to take one more drive of nostalgia over there in two weeks - so many memories. Nice place to hold the AL Tout Wars. Thanks for the writeup, lawr.

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