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Sunday 18th Feb 2018

So with about ten mock drafts under my belt so far this year, I am indeed trying some oddball things here and there to see what, if any, impact picking pitchers 1-2-3, for example, might have on the outcome of a drafted team (I did this last week, and my assessment is here).

Well, trying different formats is also a fun experiment, and this past week, Seth Trachtman, of Rotoworld, coordinated a mock under the presumption that it was a Dynasty League. In this instance, Dynasty meant a 25-man snake, with 12 teams, in a mixed league, and the presumption was the team we drafted could be perennial, meaning we could keep a drafted player forever, with no salary impact.

That makes a variable that shifted drafting and strategies a lot, and actually made for a most fun experiment and mock. Some teams clearly did not care about 2015, and then there is Matthew Pouliot, who declared, "Fine, I am happy to win the league this year." Note that Matthew grabbed at least four players I had queued, although I am not sure what that means beyond the fact that we both liked the guys in question.

I won't bore you with the specifics of any particular team (though overall results can be viewed here), but, here is a list of some of the interesting selections, but bereft of analysis, other than it is interesting that say Francisco Lindor was picked in round 13, along with Addison Russell, but Erick Aybar was not drafted at all.

Which is curious in the Matthew Pouliot sense. As in, why would owners eschew a current starter who can regularly put up a .280-8-60-15 line in lieu of someone who has never played in the Majors?

Round 1: Bryce Harper (#6); Yasiel Puig (#12)

Round 2: George Springer (#7)

Round 3: Billy Hamilton (#2); Starling Marte (#9)

Round 4: Gregory Polanco (#1); Kolten Wong (#11)

Round 5: Xander Bogaerts (#3); Jorge Soler (#6); Kole Calhoun (#10)

Round 6: Devin Mesoraco (#11)

Round 7: Byron Buxton (#1)

Round 8: Marcell Ozuna (#2); Rusney Castillo (#4)

Round 9: Joc Pederson (#1)

Round 10: David Wright (#12)

Round 11: Yasmany Tomas (#3); Alex Gordon (#11)

Round 12: Dalton Pompey (#4); Corey Seager (#10)

Round 13: Addison Russell (#2); Francisco Lindor (#6); David Ortiz (#7)

Round 14: Noah Syndergaard (#5); Lucas Giolito (#12)

Round 15: Julio Urias (#1)

Round 16: Miguel Sano (#5); Jung-Ho Kang (#10)

Round 17: Yoan Moncada (#6); Shin-Soo Choo (#12)

Round 18: Blake Swihart (#11)

Round 19: Brett Gardner (#2)

Round 20: Hector Rondon (#7); Matt Cain (#8)

Round 21: Dylan Bundy (#12)

Round 22: Maikel Franco (#1); Josh Harrison (#7)

Round 23: Henry Owens (#6, and three of us had him queued)

Round 24: Jorge Alfaro (#10)

Round 25: Joe Panik (#11)



0 #4 Lawr Michaels 2015-02-21 22:21
Couple of things:

Love Aybar, as you all know, but I got Ramirez and Walker up the middle and had enough speed, so I didn't think Aybar would help as much as taking Finnegan or Panik later (which I did).

Re: Kang, agree with Todd. There have been a lot of very good players who have come from Asia, but only Godzilla really showed any power skills. Err on caution IMHO.
0 #3 Todd Zola 2015-02-21 19:04
Kang scares me, but is worth the shot in dynasty.

He's known for power in the Korean League -- not trying to profile here but I'm not sure how power from a middle infielder in the Korean League will translate to MLB, especially in one of the hardest parks to hit a homer.
0 #2 Pasko Varnica 2015-02-21 18:24
Love in Kang in 16.
0 #1 Todd Zola 2015-02-21 15:28
As in, why would owners eschew a current starter who can regularly put up a .280-8-60-15 line in lieu of someone who has never played in the Majors?
OOOH OOOH OOOH -- Pick me!

The irony is if the draft continues, Aybar would likely be the property of the Lindor or Russell, or perhaps Carlos Correa or Jose Peraza owner.

Working backwards, the mere fact Aybar is still available is even Lawr thought there was better 2015 options due to the fact there are so many promising young middle infielders that are occupying roster spots, pushing the Aybars, and Peraltas, and Hardys etc down the draft board.

Most dynasty leagues have extended rosters so there's no doubt Aybar would be drafted -- likely by someone with a prospect at SS or MI.

This actually speaks to the dynamics of a dynasty draft. Someone with Matthew's philosophy should identify a couple of spots where they can sneak in a future piece and still not damage their chances of winning now -- and may actually improve it since they can trade the prospect.

It's been a long time -- too long in fact -- since I was in a start-up dynasty league. The two that I'm in (Scoresheet and Strat) I inherited a crappy team. I've actually never played in a true rotisserie dynasty league, the XFL coming closest.

And no, this is not an opening for me to join your new dynasty league, sorry 8)

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