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Thursday 21st Sep 2017

Mock Draft held on 2/9

Rules: Auction, 12 teams, mixed league, standard 5x5 Roto, 23 players

I prefer auction to snake draft. When this opportunity from Rotoworld came, I accepted the invitation immediately. Auction mock drafts are few and far between, probably because they are time consuming and the auction software is complex. If you have never drafted via auction, a mock would be a great way to start. Do not worry about running out of money. Auction draft software will not let you; $1 is dedicated to each undrafted slot.

Strategy: Never pay more than $30 for any one player; have a 75%/25% ratio hitters/pitchers budget.

   That said, I was willing to go up to $45 for Mike Trout; he went for $50. Never mind Trout. However, while $50 may seem too much to me, getting a star like Trout at any price may be a valid strategy. In a league with 12 teams and a full complement of players to draw from, the end of the draft is going to have bargains, that is, players who could be picked up for $1 or $2.

Objective: verify conclusions reached by participating in other mock drafts. That is, spend maximum money on a top C, SS, 1B and 3B and one or two OFs. The lack of top tier CI guys was confirmed by Todd and Lawr when they picked Anthony Rizzo at FSTA (see their article on the topic). Spending 25% of the budget on pitching may seem excessive in a 12-team league, but you do not want to be left picking up from the bottom of the pile and end up ruining your team’s ERA and WHIP.

My team:

C - Buster Posey - $30

C - Carlos Ruiz - $1

1B - Adrian Gonzalez - $20

2B - Aaron Hill - $1

3B - Adrian Beltre - $30

SS - Ian Desmond - $26

CI - Mark Teixeira - $2

MI - Erick Aybar - $5

OF - Jacoby Ellsbury - $24

OF - George Springer - $26

OF - Nelson Cruz - $15

OF - Coco Crisp - $4

OF – Khris Davis - $5

U - Chris Carter - $4

P - Jeff Samardzija - $14

P - Carlos Carrasco - $9

P - Trevor Rosenthal - $6

P - Cody Allen - $7

P - Cliff Lee  - $8

P - Anibal Sanchez - $7

P - Jacob deGrom - $7

P - Tyler Clippard - $3

P - Hyun-jin Ryu - $6

    Objectives were met, with $67 total spent on pitching and the planned maximum $30 on Posey and Beltre. The apparent bargains of Coco Crisp ($4), Khris Davis ($5) and Chris Carter ($4) told me that one could wait on respectable outfielders in a 12-team league. At that price, these three players are going to return a profit.

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