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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

   Mock Draft was held on 1/27. Snake, 12 teams, mixed league, 5x5 Roto

   I am not a big fan of a mixed league with only 12 teams. Nevertheless, being this my first mock draft of the season, it has helped me ease into 2015.

   It is our objective to use each mock draft as an experiment and then report the results in this column. A word about experiments: in order to be valid, an experiment ought to test the real waters and not be bizarre. For example, if you have the first overall pick, you should always pick Trout. Anything else would be crazy. As far as a 12-team mixed league, delaying to draft a pitcher is a valid strategy this season. Rumors are that pitching is abundant. We set out to verify this theory with this mock draft. An alternative strategy would be to pick Clayton Kershaw immediately and then wait several rounds before getting the next pitcher.

   I had the 10th pick and since Kershaw was gone by my turn, I decided to get hitters the first six rounds.

   In the seventh round, I picked the next best pitcher according to the Mastersball projections, which was Sonny Gray. I followed that in the eighth round with Hisashi Iwakuma. The draft results are HERE

Take a look at the spreadsheet. The mere fact that 17 of the 24 spots of the last two rounds went to pitching tells me that indeed a mixed league with only 12 teams has plenty of reasonably good hurlers.

That being said, how good is my team’s pitching staff (my team was #10)? Looking at the draft results makes me wonder if it would have been better to pick a pitcher in the fourth round instead of getting Hunter Pence. After all, several valid outfielders were left on the table. In my opinion, the way Lawr drafted was the most appropriate for this league: two hitters followed by one pitcher, repeat (see team #12). Another personal observation: I do not think that getting Kershaw in the first round worked well (see team #7). What do you think? Your thoughts and comments are welcome.


0 #7 Pasko Varnica 2015-01-30 00:23
Public link entered in the article
0 #6 Todd Zola 2015-01-29 23:16
There is a publicly accessible link -- Howard should have it for each draft. The one a participant gets from going to the draft board is different.
0 #5 Pasko Varnica 2015-01-29 18:36
Let me see if I understand: you hit the link and instead of showing the spreadsheet with draft results in a new tab/window, you were directed to the RTS home page?
It is my understanding that mock draft results are viewable by anyone, whether they have an RTS account or not. Let me now, please, what you get. I want to get in touch with RTS if you do not see the draft result spreadsheet.
0 #4 Douglas Sloane 2015-01-29 17:26
Thanks. My question came up when I hit the LINK in Pasko's article and it directed me to the RTS site.
0 #3 Todd Zola 2015-01-29 15:22
The results for the Mock Draft Army are publicly available. Follow Howard Bender, @rotobuzzguy on Twitter and you can get the links

Here's a couple


0 #2 Perry Van Hook 2015-01-29 15:01
Pretty sure you would have to sign up (free) to draft at RTS and I think they make some things public like AAV (average auction value) but I don't think you could see any specific draft results unless you were in that draft.
0 #1 Douglas Sloane 2015-01-29 10:11
Does one have to sign up to rtsport to view the draft results?

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