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Thursday 21st Sep 2017

That was the finale to the spectacular Seattle/Green Bay game of Sunday. 

There was a lot of grumbling, that either the Seahawks were inept, or then that Green Bay became so, but in the end, the last 10 minutes of the game were a spectacular dream-of-an-ending.

Note that this will be the final Gerund Zone till next NFL season. In two weeks, the Hotpage returns for its 20th season in this space. Though, there could be a special Super Bowl/The Season is Over piece somewhere on the site by me.

So, what did that mean in terms of DFS and watching, pensively, for seven hours?

Validating: Mason Crosby. Wow, after a month of this, I finally get the kicker right. Although, the problem with the Packers was Crosby was the bulk of the team's offense.

Mystifying: Football--all sports--can show us some kind of game or contest that is epic. You know, games that reflect all that is part of the life experience? Excitement, boredom, tension, triumph, loss. The Seattle/Green Bay game had it all. It was epic.

Admiring: It was obvious just how much Aaron Rodgers was hurting when he ran for that first down. The fact that he muscled through the whole game. Can't help but admire. Honorable mention to Russell Wilson, who hung in there after four picks, and a zero rating the first quarter to lead his team. Also to Richard Sherman, for playing half the game with only one arm.

Profit Making: Todd implored me to start LeGarrette Blount. 32.8 points, and with Crosby, enough to make some change.

Wondering: Where was Donte Moncrief? Did they even throw to him? The opposite of Blount.

Exhilarating: The last five minutes of that Seattle/Green Bay game were as fun and exciting as anything any of us might ever see.

Anticipating: OK, so the football season is over, but stay tuned. Mastersball will be very active in the Daily Formats in a lot of ways, including posting rosters at least five times a week, and offering chances to play us and brag about beating me (it really isn't such a big deal, you know?).

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