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Saturday 23rd Sep 2017

Looks like the end of the season has sneaked upon us, so here is our Sunday Double Up Roster.

But, keep your eyes peeled for this spring when I will be posting Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday DFS rosters. In fact, we are working now to set up a game where you can play to beat me! More coming soon.

QB: Tom Brady ($9100): Brady does nothing short of deliver the goods in big games of late. Surely a somewhat hobbled Aaron Rodgers is not a good pick against the Hawks, and similarly, I think Luck might have run out of it. And, I do love Russell Wilson, but similarly I think the Packers defense will hold him fairly tight.

RB: Marshawn Lynch ($8600): He is a beast. And, he can catch passes. I do hope he can get more than the eight points he got last week, but the truth is Running Back is indeed a bit thin this week, no?

RB: Robert Turbin ($4700): I am not sure if this is a dumb move, but basically handcuffing the two Seattle ball carriers suggests I will get the bulk of points any Seahawks runner produces. Since there are not a lot of options, and since I am not sure how effective Eddie Lacy can be against Seattle, this seems to hedge the available points conundrum.

WR: Julian Edelman ($7100): No, I am not expecting another TD pass (that was awesome), but I think Edelman will get a lot of chances, and he can indeed break one.

WR: Doug Baldwin ($6200): Top dog for Russell Wilson at a cheap price.

WR: Danny Amendola ($5900): Tying to Edelman like I am tying Turbin to Lynch (remember, I am making this up as I go).

TE: Rob Gronkowski ($8200): Most likely to score for the Patriots, this gives me a lock on the receivers who I think will do the most damage this weekend.

PK: Mason Crosby ($4500): I think this game will not be unlike the Seahawks and the Panthers: close till halfway through the third quarter. So, I think Crosby will get chances, at least early.

DEF: Seattle ($5300): Clearly the best defense playing, and with Rodgers hurting, the sack target becomes a little easier to nail. As Todd has said, if you are looking at defense, look at sacks first. Other points come from those.


0 #3 Al Geelhaar 2015-01-19 03:18
My Luck ran out, darn it. Good call on Brady over him. I did manage to win my Fanduel contests thanks to Blount.
0 #2 Lawr Michaels 2015-01-18 18:40
thx Alley. you too. we are looking to have pretty much daily DFS rosters in the coming season, so tag along. even trying to work some situations where you can play against Zach and me! good luck to you, too!
0 #1 Al Geelhaar 2015-01-18 18:28
It's great to see the articles on DFS, and I look forward to the contest in the spring. Our lineups on Fanduel are quite different.

I was on Brady initially, but decided the risk that the Pats will go run-heavy makes his floor too low.

On Turbin and Amendola, I don't expect them to have the volume to justify their prices. But to get studs in your lineup, you have to give up something somewhere. I chose to settle for Allen instead of Gronk, while you settled for these two.

I worked to fit Nelson into my lineup. He had a lot of targets and catches when they played early in the season, and I expect the same today. This could backfire if they put Sherman on Nelson, but they don't usually move Sherman from side to side.

Good Luck! :lol:

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