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Thursday 21st Sep 2017

Last week, it was the Calvin Johnson catch that was negated in favor of the Cowboys. This week, it was the Dez Bryant catch, negated in favor of the Packers.

To wit, I have never, nor will I ever be a fan of Instant Replay in any sport. I know the arguments about getting it "right," but both those plays suggest that even with a million angles and stop action, play call is still largely a subjective function. Just like when the ref or ump makes a call on the side- or baseline.

I think the beauty of tossing Instant Replay away is sports are games by human beings. Let those same games be judged by human beings in real time, and move on. For, as we can see, the result of Instant Replay is that the game--and thus the flow--is stalled while we wait to simply see what another set of human beings think. So, why not simply eliminate the second layer and live with it? I mean, if you take Dallas and their playoff Replay wins and losses, it all works out over the long haul, right?

Scintilating: Julian Edelman, who killed us all with a TD pass (he was a college QB). Well, I had him on my FanDuel squad, so he didn't kill me. Just great.

Exciting: All the games during the divisional weekend. Carolina eventually lost the war of the line, but against the best team. Everything else was just great.

Disappointing: Peyton Manning. My cousin Richard, along with Todd, tried gently to tell me this was not the same Manning. Sigh. They were right.

Uncompromising: Tom Brady, who seriously delivers when the game is on the line. Honorable mention to Joe Flacco and Tony Romo.

Exasperating: I love C.J. Anderson, who went to Cal, and whom Scott Pianowski pointed out played in Berkeley with Keenan Allen, yet could only manage a 3-9 Pac 10 record. Sigh, the Bears also had Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch on the same team and could not get to the Rose Bowl, something I wish they could do before I die. Last appearance was 1959. Help.

Obscurring: Guys like  Tyler Clutts--did anyone seriously play him in a DFS league?--getting a score. Not to mention, is a guy named Clutts getting a TD not an oxymoron?

Anticipating: Next week. I like the Patriots and Seattle. I hope Aaron Rodgers can get close to full speed so the games are as good as this weekend. Going in, I like Brady, Dan Herron, Eddie Lacy, T.Y. Hilton, Doug Baldwin, Randall Cobb, Coby Fleener, Steven Hauschka, and Seattle's defense. Unless I can determine next week's Tyler Clutts (Luke Wilson?).

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