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Friday 22nd Sep 2017

The Divisional Championship Weekend is not quite as goofy and foot-loose fancy free as Wild Card Weekend, but it is close.

If I had to pick a sleeper team for the weekend, it would be the Panthers, though I doubt the team can overcome the dangerous Seattle defense. Still, if the team can regain the mojo they had against the Saints two weeks ago, who knows?

That said, here is my crapshoot team for this weekend:

QB: Peyton Manning ($9100): I would like to have gambled more on a mobile signal caller, a la Russell Wilson or Cam Newton, but they are both playing against one another, and both teams have potentially deadly defenses, meaning maybe a low score. But, the Colts might have an offense, but in Denver, I suspect Manning will have some dominance irrespective of anything else.

RB: Marshawn Lynch ($8900): Lynch is a Beast and I think he is the best shot to put up some points among the cluster of fine running backs involved. But, I think DeMarco Murray might have trouble in the Wisconsin cold and C.J. Anderson might perform as well as Lynch, but sigh, I have to spread my picks around a little. Hence the Beast, who always manages to walk away with a score.

RB: Dan Herron ($6100): The choice for #2 was really betrween Herron and Jonathan Stewart. But, since Stewart has to run against Seattle, I went Herron, figuring he will be part of whatever offense Andrew Luck can manage, which should be some.

WR: Randall Cobb ($8600): Figuring Jordy Nelson will get the most attention from the Dallas secondary, I went to the #2 guy who is indeed still pretty good.

WR: Doug Baldwin ($6100): Under-rated as essentially the #1 target for Wilson, aside from perhaps Lynch.

WR: Kelvin Benjamin ($6400): He is very good, and Cam has to toss it somewhere, so the hope is Benjamin can break one. Or at least catch a half dozen passes and pick up 80-plus yards as a #3.

TE: Coby Fleener ($5400): I think Fleener is the Colts best bet to score in the red zone. Period.

PK: Dan Bailey ($4600): Bailey is good, and I think Dallas' run on the road ends today. Not that the team will be shut out, but down some, and Bailey seems like the answer.

DEF: Broncos ($4900): If Denver can play up to their potential, I suspect a tough day for Andrew Luck, meaning a good day for the Denver defense. At least I think among the eight defensive squads, this is the best bet.

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