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Thursday 21st Sep 2017

I love the Wild Card Weekend, as previously noted (I like the Wild Card games in baseball, too, for exactly the same unpredictability reason), and this first weekend did nothing to dispell that.

So, let's get on with this week's look at games and performances and what it all means, if anything.

Exasperating: That was the sentiment that seemed to light up Twitter. A pathetic playoff game, although I was happy to have Cam Newton on my Daily team. But, the fact that Arizona--having the players they did available--were in the game, let alone held the lead for any period of time wrankled. In fact, I was watching with Diane (who doesn't really watch, but it is in the room) and out of nowhere, in total innocence and sincerity, she asks, "Is this a college game?"

Interesting: Same Arizona/Panthers game that irritated the universe, I found interesting. It reminded me of being at Yankee Stadium (the old one) with Trace Wood watching a crazy duel between the Royals and Bombers that ended in 10 with 11-10, when Johnny Damon knocked in the winning run with his sixth hit of the day. This was after Mariano Rivera blew a save, and I said what a great game it was. Trace looked horrified, and said it was a terrible game. Poor pitching, bad defense, and just generally sloppy. "Yeah," I agreed, "but it is way entertaining."

Perplexing: Kickers. Justin Tucker, 15 points. Adam Vinatieri, 16 points. Graham Gano, 10 points. I pick Chandler Catanzaro. Two bloody points, picking the guy on the one team it seemed clear could probably not score a TD (but get close enough for some kicks).

Humbling: .60 of a point is the difference between first ($600) and third ($300). (I hate you Chandler Catanzaro.)

Bewildering: Steve Smith rocks, while Reggie Wayne rolls? And Golden Tate was on my fingertips when I went Wayne.

Depressing: Golden Tate was on my fingertips when I went Reggie Wayne.

Anticipating: Hmmm, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady next week? Or Tony Romo or Cam Newton? Five days to think about it, then five more to second guess waiting for the next cycle.

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