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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

So, with the final week of the regular NFL season upon us, and with Zach getting a holiday break, let's dig a little deeper into the daily play at FanDuel.

Since I am new to playing daily formats, I consulted the local SME (that would be Subject Matter Expert), Lord Zola himself.

To start, I got these parameters:

-Generally, all the games on a given site are the same. Each site may have variations of scoring, and different combinations of games, but generally the set up is consistent within a given site.

-Make reasonable picks for defense and kicker, but go cheap.

-Match-ups are important, but a Quarterback who can run and throw is generally good.

-All things being equal, a Running Back who is part of the passing game--like Matt Forte--is the best type of play.

-Look to late starters/replacements for potential sleeper/cheap points.

To this I added one thing that is tough to follow: Trust your instincts. As in, last week I had Luke Wilson in my starting lineup of the Sunday Night/Monday Night play until the last moment. But, I thought it might be a mistake to leave $600 unused, so I dropped Luke for Julius Thomas. Oops.

That brings us to this week, where the bulk of match-ups involve intra-divisonal games, making it a little tough. Anyway, here goes:

QB: Drew Brees ($8900): The Saints are still alive, sort of, while Tampa is not even close. New Orleans needs a big game out of Brees, who is a money player. I am gambling he delivers against a weak team.

RB: Arian Foster ($8600): He runs, he catches, and apparently he even throws for points. Again, Houston is still alive, and Jacksonville is dead and gone. Just makes sense to go to the go-to guy.

RB: Doug Martin ($5100): Martin has picked it up the last few weeks, and even if the Saints score some points, I suspect they will allow some as well.

WR: Odell Beckham, Jr. ($9200): I think he is the best WR out there on the planet right now, and he is hot. I also think the Giants might win, but suspect they will be playing catch-up for most of the game and figure the #1 guy will be the go to guy.

WR: Jordy Nelson ($8800): Another money game match-up with the division title, and maybe even a bye in the balance, so I have to think Aaron Rodgers will use his #1 guy as much as permits.

WR: Markus Wheaton ($5100): Another division title game, and I like Wheaton as a secondary recviver for a QB who is good at throwing. Game should be a fun one.

TE: Owen Daniels ($4900): Toss up with Larry Donnell, but I went Daniels to try and exploit points within another game. And, I suppressed the desire to teach myself a lesson and grab Luke Wilson again, though at $4500 it was tempting.

PK: Robbie Gould ($4500): Gould is pretty good, and he should get some chances against the Vikings.

DEF: Kansas City ($4700): Yet another intra-divisonal game with playoff implications, Kansas City has a solid rush and pass defense, and San Diego is a passing team. So, even if the team allows some points, the chance for some picks and sacks is right there.


0 #2 Todd Zola 2014-12-28 19:04
My cash game lineup

Cam Newton
Jeremy Hill
Doug Martin
Antonio Brown
Hakeem Nicks
Odell Beckham Jr.
Zach Ertz
Graham Gano
Houston Texans

My GPP Tourney lineup

Mark Sanchez
C.J. Anderson
Jonathan Stewart
Odell Beckham Jr.
Antonio Brown
Terrance Williams
Zach Ertz
Shayne Graham
Tennessee Titans
0 #1 Lawr Michaels 2014-12-28 16:58
Late Tweaks:

moved QB to Cam Newton, removed the injured Robbie Gould and switched to Sebastian Janikowski.

Shifted Tight End to Tim Wright with Gronk out, and used the difference to upgrade WR to James Jones.


Beckham, Jr.
Kansas City

is final roster.

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