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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

harbaughIt was interesting to witness the Niners as their season ignominiously slipped into a handful of "what happened?" for this year, with the remaining eyes and breath now pointed to a decidedly uncertain 2015.

I must confess of all the these meltdowns I have ever witnessed, while never anticipating, the Bay Area was witness to a pair of epic ones this season, between the Athletics and Niners (fortunately, much salvation was redeemed with the Giants World Series victory).

In the end, it was just another strange Sunday in an NFL season that has been full of said commodity.

As the Bills intercept Aaron Rodgers and upset the Packers, while safely at home, the Chiefs have their way with the Raiders, those upstarts who whipped them three weeks prior.

The league also gave us a shot at seeing what Johnny Manziel could do, which turned out to be not much more than Brian Hoyer against a wicked Bengal defense.

This was bittersweet as I drafted Manziel in the seventh round of my two-QB league, so since it didn't matter, I started the Cleveland rookie over Alex Smith. I want Manziel to do well, as I can keep him as a fourth rounder next year (not bad in a deep league where three QBs on a roster are essential). Looks like it is back to the free agent pool for him.

That wasn't the only quarterback conundrum, as I had to replace Cam Newton as well, again dropping Smith, but claiming Derek Carr. That was not a better idea.

Don't get me wrong: I love football Sunday. But certainly these are strange days upon us.

Who I have my eyes on:

Craig Robertson (LB, Browns): Looked good as one of the few lively Browns on a largely forgettable Sunday. Made a great pick (his second of the year) that almost gave some momentum to his team. Almost. Robertson has 82 tackles this year, by the way.

Jeremy Hill (RB, Bengals):With his big Sunday (148 yards, two scores), Hill can hit the 1,000-yard marker with one more big effort. He's gotten 700 since Week 9.

Doug Martin (RB, Bucs): 94 yards on Sunday is too little too late for Martin, whom I had on a pair of teams. But, it is enough for me to think of him as a #3 or so next year. Maybe.

De'Anthony Thomas (RB, Chiefs): #3 back, behind Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis. But, dude ran back a nice 85-yard punt return against Oakland. Might just keep watching him. You just never know.

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