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Friday 15th Dec 2017

Welcome back to the Hotpage, holiday edition.

We are busy completing the final Top 250 Prospect scrub, and the full list will be available as part of our Platinum Package some time over the next week.

But, just to add to the fun, this week let's look at a few of the players I like as sleepers on the list. In other words, maybe not so well known, but maybe worth tracking.

Jose Peraza (#108, 2B, Braves): .339-2-44 for the 20-year-old, split between Lynchberg and Double-A Mississippi. Peraza swiped 60 bags over 114 games, and though he may begin 2015 in the Southern League, continued success means nowhere to go but up.

Daniel Robertson (#12, SS, Athletics): Oakland's first-round pick in 2012, Robertson went .310-15-60 with 37 doubles for Stockton with 72 walks to 94 whiffs, good for a .402 OBP and .873 OPS. That is exactly the kind of line the Athletics love. He is headed to Double-A, so bullet hitting bone time, but Robertson, who will be 22 just before Opening Day, definitely made a mark this year.

Cheslor Cuthbert (#75, 3B, Royals): As a 21-year-old, he went .274-12-64 with ten steals, split between Double-A and Triple-A Omaha. A little bit of a free-swinger (174 walks to 347 whiffs), too much talent being realized so quickly must be tracked.

Lucas Giolito (#14, P, Nationals): Giolito, who will turn 21 come the next break, is young, but his numbers are close to scary in that he is 12-3, 2.17, with 150 strikeouts over 136.6 innings. Just 42 walks and 100 hits over that span mean a 1.03 WHIP, but more interesting is Giolito is a 6'6", 255 pounder. Imagine what he could be when he fills out and gains a little experience.

Robert Whalen (#53, P, Mets): 9-2, 1.94 over 69.6 innings mostly at Savannah last year. He struck out 63, walked 21, and surrendered 48 hits (0.990 WHIP), just two of them homers. Whalen gets his feet wet at High-A to start next year.

Aaron Blair (#60, P, D-Backs): A first round pick in 2013, Blair, 22, shot through three levels, finishing at Double-A Mobile, where he went 4-1, 1.94 over eight starts and 46.3 innings. Blair has whiffed 212 over 203 minor league innings, allowing 68 walks (1.167 WHIP). He is another big guy, at 6'5", 230 pounds.

Jose De Leon (#82, P, Dodgers): 7-0, 2.22 mark over 77 innings, mostly at Rookie ball. De Leon whiffed 119 hitters, walked just 21, and allowed just three homers of the 58 hits collected off the 22-year-old right-hander. High-A looms to start 2015.

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