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Saturday 23rd Sep 2017

I am sorry if this whole season has been a whine festival. I really hate wimpiness.

On the other hand, nothing seems to spark the mental "doh" notes like getting a big performance from a fantasy football player when it does not matter.

And, this year I have somehow managed to reverse engineer my Zen in the least successful possible way it seems.

Ultimately, I try not to worry about this, because the Zen also says that the ups and downs will even out, but in the moment, when I see Cam Newton shred that Saints defense, and the Panthers shut down Drew Brees, well, I might have long hair right now, but such occurrences could suggest male pattern baldness is in my near future.

That is because I based at least a couple of my teams on the projected success of both of those players, so of course, now that my team is out of the playoffs, they deliver big time.

Equally bad, I was so sure Colin Kaepernick would step it up, with this his third NFL season. But, after watching his team simply play dead against the Raiders, well, I have to think the Niners will clean house.

  • Jim Harbaugh is toast, as is his staff, especially offensive coordinator Greg Roman. For, if the team is so shaky it has to put Anquan Boldin in as a back to trick an inferior team, like the Raiders, that spells big trouble to me.
  • Frank Gore will not be re-signed.
  • The team will have to figure out what to do with Vernon Davis, a former offensive force who seems to be the forgotten man.

It was fun to see the Raiders play another good game, and the thought of Latavius Murray and Derek Carr leading the offense next year suddenly does not seem so bad.

Just please, no matter how desperate Oakland gets, DON'T sign Harbaugh as the new Oakland head coach. Because, whatever wound up failing in San Francisco will fail with the Raiders.

Who I have my eye on this week:

Dan Herron (RB, Colts): OK, so the eight carries for 26 yards against the Browns wasn't that great, but in fairness, Cleveland's defense played it tough against a very good offense. The bottom line is Trent Richardson is not much of an answer to much, and Herron has 227 yards to go with 5.4 yards per carry along with nine receptions. Meaning, he is better than Richardson with not much competition as the year winds down.

Charles Johnson (WR, Vikings): 15 catches, good for two scores and 283 yards over the past four weeks, means maybe the equally exciting Teddy Bridgewater has a favorite target. If so, these guys could be a lot of fun next year.

Joe Haden (CB, Browns): Four tackles brings his season total to 49, to go with three picks, as Haden did a good job shutting down the Colts receivers for most of Sunday. I will have to keep an eye on him for my team where individual defense players are used.

Lamar Miller (RB, Dolphins): The Dolphins started so hot against the Ravens, then stalled, but Miller got 12 carries (53 yards) and five receptions for 36 more. Another guy to watch as the season reaches its conclusion.

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