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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

Aside from Todd and my FSTA team, which amazingly, we drafted last June, this has been an abysmal fantasy football year for me. It all started with my trading Jordy Nelson for Doug Martin, just before my NAIFFL draft. Since we can keep three players in that league, year-to-year, and since you can only keep one person at a given spot, and since I had DeSean Jackson as an extra WR, but Ryan Mathews as a main RB, this made sense.

Nothing has since.

Last week, my Experts Schmexperts team flexed its muscles to score 140 points, and win. The week before, the same motley crew could only manage 89, and so it is every week, where I cannot get any more consistent than a team out of the NFC South.

But, I have to say that in the Schmexperts League this week, my match-up is the worst I think I have ever seen.

In this league, which somehow managed a New Orleans based tinge to it, the Smack Daddies and my Tom Dempsey's Foot teams squared off, in a PPR league that has fairly decent scoring (remember, I scored 140 last week).

If I say my starting QB was Colin Kaepernick (1 point), and the Daddies started Tony Romo (3 points).

Thanks to a late surge by Emmanuel Sanders and the Denver defense, the Daddies are going to handle me at 76-60, so again you can see what a horrific score this is on both ends.

But, the killer is I left 97 points on my bench, among five players, two of whom were Derek Carr (2 points) and Lorenzo Taliaferro (0 points). As in I sat Martin, Keenan Allen, Coby Fleener and the Seahawks defense.

To justify, I did start Isaiah Crowell and Marshawn Lynch as my running backs, opting for the bench for Dougie, and started Vernon Davis over Coby Fleener, again a move that does not seem bad. I plead guilty that I should have started Allen over Mohamed Sanu, but Anquan Boldin and Julian Edelman? As for the Hawks defense, I sat them in deference to the Colts (whom I also have) and the Indianapolisians delivered one more point than Seattle at 18.

But, like I noted, last week the same starters I put out there gave me 140.

Still, those four bench guys alone would have beat the Daddies. Would have. Could have. 


Who I have my eye on this week:

Colt McCoy (QB): With Robert Griffin III in limbo, McCoy, a former third rounder out of Texas, got a chance, and fared pretty well, completing 31 of 47 for 392 yards and three scores. Even with that, the Skins took a pasting, and I doubt they are going to get much better, and that means garbage yards while Griffin and Jay Gruden try to plot a path forward. Though that doesn't matter much either, as Gruden will be gone next year, and Griffin will get another chance. In the mean time, points are points. McCoy can give some.

Minnesota Defense: Worth mentioning since the team converted two blocked punts into touchdowns in the same game. I don't think I ever saw that happen before. Woo hoo.

LeGarrette Blount (RB): I am not sure what Jonas Gray's purpose is now, but Blount looked like he owned the RB slot on Sunday to me, whether the Patriots won or not.

Johnny Manziel (QB): Crapshoot, but the dude sparked the offense today in a sort of Tim Tebow way. Not that the Browns won, but he completed five of eight for 63 yards, and scored the one TD Cleveland logged in a game where the Clevelanders were basically pasted.

C.J. Anderson (RB): Put on a show Sunday night, giving him over 325 yards the past two weeks. Montee Ball goes down, here comes Ronnie Hillman. Ronnie Hillman goes down, here comes Anderson (who did go to Cal). Where do they keep getting these guys from, while some teams can never even find one starter to get hurt in the first place?

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