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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

How can we not love how goofy the NFL has become week to week?

I mean, the Rams dominating the Broncos? The Niners able to squeak by the Giants despite controlling the ball for 34:59 minutes to the Giants 25:01 thanks to five picks by the SF defense.

Or with the Chiefs, who might well prove to be the best team as the season progresses, dumping the Seahawks, or the Packers putting up 100 points over two weeks and sending what looked like a solid Eagles team packing?

Everything is so up in the air, I cannot help but be fascinated in the best possible way, though the whole process does wreak havoc with my fantasy teams.

I do keep trying to reason those long time rivalries, for example the Raiders played the Chargers, with whom they have been matching up for close to 50 years, losing 13-6 (and no, I do not think the Raiders will win a game this year) a week after getting more than pummeled by another long time rival, the Broncos. All of which makes me fear the Oaklanders playing the Chiefs this coming Thursday.

But, nothing prepared me for last week, when the Packers and Bears mixed it up for the 190th time, with 93 Bears wins, to 91 Packers victories, and six ties.

So, who imagined the pathetic drubbing Chicago endured last week? Humiliating. In fact, after the score was 21-0 after six minutes, I suggested to Diane that maybe she could turn something else on. But, a born Chicagoan, Diane insisted upon watching the entire debacle, more to sneer at how horrible the Bears were than anything else.

Fortunately, new Simpsons and Family Guys eventually saved us all.

Guys I have my eyes on: So this week, I noticed a lot of players on the verge of redemption, if you will. What's the prognosis?

Rashad Jennings (RB, Giants): Jennings, back from ten weeks worth of hurt, carried 18 times for 59 yards, and is a good #2 back to gamble on, especially if your top two RBs are Doug Martin and Ben Tate, like on my NAIFFL team (bad, really bad).

Jonas Gray (RB, Patriots): Bye bye Stevan Ridley, hello rookie Mr. Gray, from Notre Dame. I think he will be a nice pick for the rest of this year, and if you can stash him in a keeper league, do it.

Drew Stanton (QB, Cardinals): I guess the Cardinals are sort of for real, but I also suspect a fade as crunch time comes, and the team has to finish off playing Seattle, San Francisco, and those fun teams within their tough conference. Carson Palmer says the team is just as good with Stanton at the helm, but I suspect like the Broncos and Eagles, Stanton and Arizona will come back down to earth over the final third of the season.

Aldon Smith (LB, 49ers): What can we say when it is easy to embrace the miscreants of the league simply for being drug abusers, as opposed to beating the crap out of their families? Well, Smith is an impact player, and I cannot speak to whether Colin Kaepernick can motivate his offense to play consistent ball over four quarters, but I do think the defense will keep the team in the game. Should the SF defense be out there, play them.

Josh Gordon (WR, Browns): Finally. I have been sitting on Gordon since Week 1 in two leagues. The Browns are better than we think despite their poor showing against Houston. Gordon comes back to being the #1 receiver on his team. Don't forget about him. I didn't.

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