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Saturday 17th Feb 2018

So here we are, back at the BaseballHQ Arizona First Pitch, where Friday evening the sort of first draft of the 2015 season took place as the Experts Fantasy League conducted their 13th auction where I hope I can continue my rebuild and ideally path to a title.

I was able to freeze the maximum 15 players, and got my spots covered pretty well, needing nine players including a first baseman, two outfielders and six pitchers, which gave a lot of flexibility to my choices, although I realized I needed to try and get an impact hitter, and build a rotation.

The XFL draft is so goofy and unlike other drafts, almost impossible for me to read from year-to-year aside from the fact that I have no idea what will happen. For example, the prices are all over the place, and as a result there is no traditional end game to exploit (a favorite tactic of mine).

Anyway, here are some of the interesting players auctioned (meaning not frozen) and their cost with a few thoughts.

Miguel Cabrera ($61): Wow. I had my eyes on Miguel and dropped out at $39. Little did I think that Miggy would jump $22 more, or the cost of Ben Zobrist. I had $96 of total cash so there was no way I could spend that much when I needed starting pitching.

Alex Wood ($16): I love the guy, but thought he would slip through for no more than $12, but I was way wrong.

Lance Lynn ($5): But, then why did Lynn, who is fairly comparable, go for just five bucks? Weird.

Robinson Cano ($41): Lower dingers last year, but hits and all that goes with them, but again, a little too much for my blood considering what I needed.

Alex Gordon ($34): I passed on Zobrist because I thought "if Zobrist goes for $22, I should be able to get Gordon for $23 or so. Hah. So, I missed on both.

Craig Kimbrel ($19): He is good, for sure, but I managed to freeze Kenley Jensen and Sean Doolittle for a collective $22. On the other hand, Glen Perkins went for $7. Go figure.

Mark Teixeira ($2): Sad.

Jason Castro ($3): Wow, I am not sure how this happened but if I had not needed a backstop, I would have happily plunked down $4.

Nick Markakis ($5): While I was sure I could get Gordon for $23 and didn't, I was sure Markakis would cost around $15, though I hoped maybe later in the auction, $12 might do it. Wow. I got him for $5.

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