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Friday 15th Dec 2017

"You are an IT Professional," my brother-in-law Eric Hedgecock noted to me earlier in the week when I relayed my tales of streaming woe to him as I tried to figure out how to view the World Series as we spent the week at the mountain home in Soda Springs.

Eric noted this as I was attempted to get the Smart TV in the house to start talking to our Uverse router so I could at least try to watch Sunday football.

As  noted numerous times, our mountain house does have Internet, but nothing else, really. There are a couple of televisions, and a bundle of DVDs to play, and I can get my favorite radio station (KTKE, in Truckee, as it so happens) via any device, but for the most part there is no radio and there is no TV.

With  the best sports weeks of the year on the horizon, I tried to analyze how, among our cable, wi fi, my Surface tablet, two iPhones, two laptops, and a blue ray (also with wi fi), how to simply stream the NFL on Sunday, ESPN on Monday, the Series Tuesday and Wednesday, the NFL Thursday, and then the Series again going into the weekend (I said it was the best sports week).

Thanks to my Sunday Ticket opening up their Max program October 19, I was indeed able to watch the Sunday day games, but I could not find a way to hit up NBC to view the Niners and Broncos (which, bearing in mind the results, might not be a bad thing).

Same Monday night, as I looked for ways to get ESPN on something other than my iPhone with audio. And, though I love my DTV and Sunday Ticket and MLB Extra Innings packages, the company does not yet have a interface that works with Windows-based tablets.  Although, I guess if you want to watch the NFL, then you are ok, which both makes sense, and makes none.

Tuesday morning I scrambled around looking for a way to get the Series, preferably by listening to the Giants main broadcasting corps of Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper, Jon Miller, and David Flemming, and 30 minutes before the first pitch I got the flagship KNBR station on my tablet.

Since I love listening to baseball on the radio, this was fine, save as soon as 5 PM Pacific Time came, the station blacked out as fast as a Raider home game on the local channel when the game has not sold out. Which is always.

So, I decided to bite the bullet and subscribe to MLB.tv since I would be here for the first four games of the Series, and after three attempts to get my $9.95 charged to my Visa, I finally succeed, only to find out that since I don't have a local Fox feed that I cannot get the video. Even so, I tried to hit the audio, to at least listen to Kruk and Kuip, but as hot as the radio button seemed to be, nada.

Finally, I gave up, and tuned in ESPN radio (oh boy, Aaron Boone, analyst!) on my iPhone via TuneIn Radio, and that is mostly ok until the seventh inning when apparently the buffer filled up and I could do very little but hear Boone discuss how Eric Hosmer was almost a platoon player, and then the third out of the inning. Over and over and over and over.

Thursday was better, as the NFL Network does indeed allow streaming, so I managed to log in using my Sunday Ticket access, but on Friday afternoon, at game time, Fox Sports Go, suggested by my friend George, gave me a soccer match and nothing more.

But, it is crazy. I mean, network TV can still be accessed for free, sans cable. Except here where the mountains get in the way of the signal, so, I can stream what everyone else can see for free for $6 a month or something like, but that seems as wrong as having eight separate electronic devices within one room, and still not be able to connect.

Looks like dinner at the Soda Springs Lodge is the only way to enter the weekend in a reasonable fashion, eh? The food might not be as good as I can make, but they have six screens and all the beer we can buy.

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