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Friday 22nd Sep 2017

I don't really like Las Vegas. Not that there is anything wrong with it, just not my kind of place (although I do love New York). As I have written before, since I neither drink nor gamble, and since for the most part I am not interested in most of the shows. Though, Penn and Teller are funny, and magicians are magical.

When I did arrive the other night for this year's NFBC foray, I noticed there was a Cirque du Soleil show at our hotel, the Bellagio, and thought, wow, maybe that is worth checking out. Then, in the shuttle on the way to the Bellagio I noticed there were at least a half dozen different Cirque du Soleil shows at various resorts and somehow the singular charm seemed a tad diluted.

And then my shuttle dropped me off at the new digs in Vegas for Greg Ambrosius and now his Fanball compatriots, because in the past the NFBC was held at The Rio, the The Sands, and then The Stardust.

Let me tell you, the Bellagio is a whole different animal of a location, however.

I should have remembered as a few years back, I went to dinner with Jason Grey, Todd Zola, Rob Leibowitz, and Perry Van Hook at one of the really fine restaurants at the Bellagio, Sensi (I can still taste the lobster bisque I had.).

Well, despite the fact that I am not a Las Vegas person, I had a great time there. I mean, I actually sort of forgot I was in Vegas.

Of course I spent the bulk of my time watching and supporting a couple of days worth of drafts, which, since I am playing in the classic event next Saturday in New York, I figured I would take a good look at who was valuing what, where, and when.

One conclusion that I have come to is that it is really good to watch and participate in as many mocks as you can. Because the more you see/experience, the clearer the paths to the twists and turns of drafts can take appearance. When it becomes muscle memory to see those paths, adjusting becomes normal, and that is a very good thing.

Because the more contingencies you can conjure, the better you will do as you will never be caught frozen.

I am ready for New York and the NFBC and Tout this weekend. I just wish there was a Bellagio there.

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