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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

Diane and I had a few days of vacation set, as her cousin Cherie had flown out to visit family and run the Long Beach marathon. Since we owed our friends Steve and Lisa Chattler a trip south (they always come up here), and since Diane had never been south of Palo Alto with me, nor driven the coast highway, we took off for five days driving down the coast to goof off.

It was a fun trip and I was able to watch the great Thursday night spectacle with Steve (we usually talk at kickoff every Sunday) and hung out on the beach, played music, and ate too much.

What this meant, though, was that we had to take off for home early Sunday morning, so not much football to watch for me yesterday. This also meant setting my rosters Saturday night, and tracking the scores on my iPhone as we drove back up the coast.

Just as we were passing through Calabasas and the heart of Kardashianland, Todd texted me noting Torrey Smith had logged a pair of scores, which was good for our FSTA team, but not as good for my Utter Genius team, where Torrey sat on the bench.

Of course, there is always the quandary of who to start and who to sit. In fact, I asked Steve last night who he liked: Tim Wright or Lorenzo Taliaferro, and after a shrug, I went with the Ravens running back. Oops.

Anyway, below are a few guys whom I drafted after the likes of Andre Johnson and DeSean Jackson, yet who have delivered some big games, sometimes on my roster, but mostly on my bench. But, aside from byes, I am not planning on sitting them again, at least until further notice.

Mohamed Sanu (WR, Bengals): I actually wrote about Sanu last week, and picked him up, but then of course gave myself a big second guess fearing the Panthers defense would get it together, so I started Wes Welker instead. Bad mistake, as Sanu bagged 120 yards while notching his third score in fiour weeks. A.J. Green or not, I trust him.

Torrey Smith (WR, Ravens): I have been a fan of Torrey's for a few years, so I always draft him somewhere because, as Zach would say, "he is one of my guys." And, well, I also love his teammate Steve Smith, whom I have started faithfully since Week 1. My question to myself is "Why do I always trust Steve, and not Torrey?", who does indeed deliver like Sunday with a pair of scores. I cannot promise every week, but if there is a question between say Wes Welker and Smith, guess who starts.

James Jones (WR, Raiders): I guess I am enough of a sucker to also pick Jones just to have one of the Silver and Black. Jones really is the Raiders number one option, despite Andre Holmes' two score game against San Diego. I like Jones from here on out and if you keep reading, you will see why.

T.Y. Hilton (WR, Colts): Hilton has been pretty steady this season, but he totally popped loose Thursday with an almost Colts record 223 yards (HOF'er Raymond Berry picked up 224 yards, once) and two TDs, and with Andrew Luck spreading it around, I am willing to gamble on Hilton going forward in my Knights of the Passover league.

Derek Carr (QB, Raiders): Maybe age and my desire for Oakland success has jaded me, but I really like this kid, who threw for four scores his first game under a new coach after coming off an injury. Carr is mobile, and best of all, he seems to be ball smart, eating it or throwing it away most of the time despite a still iffy team. But, I am indeed picking him up as a bye guy wherever I can partially because I liked his game against San Diego, but similarly because the Raiders schedule is pretty soft compared to the rest of the universe. I think he will learn and put up some nice numbers, whether the team wins or not.

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