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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

As I write, I am watching the Patriots, all either benefiting from a Red Bull, or indulging in whatever Wes Welker might have left behind, dominate the Bengals over the first half of their Sunday Night game.

If Belichick and Brady can prevail, it means going into Week 6, there will be no undefeated teams in the NFL.

In fact, once again I was with sort of amazement as the Saints caught up with and passed Tampa, while the Texans caught up with the Cowboys, only to lose in OT (just as the Saints won). I did see Buffalo squeeze ahead of the Lions--merely mortal sans Megatron--and the Browns upset Tennessee while Denver clocked out the previously undefeated Cardinals.

Topsy turvey, no?

Not that any of this helps my fantasy teams, but somehow exciting in football trumps tense in baseball. At least most of the time.

So, since we are one-quarter into the season, I thought I would start a new feature a la the Hotpage, where I list a few players who are in the free agent pool that I will try to pick up in the coming waiver cycle.

I've Got My Eye On

Tim Wright (TE, Patriots): I think it is pretty clear that a lot of the Patriots Sunday night groove had to do with the double Tight End configs that allowed the focus on Rob Gronkowski to leave Wright a bit freer to do some damage. Which he did. I am thinking Wright now slides in like the unmentionable Aaron Hernandez did, allowing the New England brain trusts to spread things around just enough to be effective. And, well, I am looking at Coby Fleener and Eric Ebron in a couple of leagues, so this grab seems obvious.

Mohamed Sanu (WR, Bengals): I should have taken the cue three weeks ago when Todd picked up Sanu for our FSTA team, but the guy is indeed exciting, and seems to manage some points one way or another every week. And, I have faith that the Bengals will be pretty good by the end of the year. 

Adam Jones (CB, Bengals): One of my leagues--The Kathy League Gifford--has us play two quarterbacks and individual defensive players, and I tend to stream them. I have always been a fan of the player formerly known as Pac Man, and he is, if nothing else, exciting and explosive. Truth is, what I really need is another QB going into the first bye week of my existing pair since I gambled that Johnny Manziel would be taking some snaps by now.

Stevie Johnson (WR, Niners): Johnson has been grabbing points every week now as Colin Kaepernick spreads it around. Seems so odd to have the likes of Andre Johnson and DeSean Jackson on teams and they simply are not scoring, while Johnson seems to, but time to mess around a bit I suspect.

Torrey Smith (WR, Ravens): My Utter Genius team is indeed called Smith Brothers because I have had Steve and Torrey so often. I think it is time to pair the pair up again, and since Steve already resides on my roster, well Torrey is the likely suspect.

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