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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

I knew Week 4 would be a tough one for me this season since I had a load of Seahawks and Broncos, especially in the Utter Genius league, where over the first two weeks of the season, I had the best team, and only lost Week 3 by half a point.

There were a lot of holes to fill, especially with the possibility of Arian Foster being out (Foster is my #2 back in that league, behind Marshawn Lynch) and my #3 guy, Danny Woodhead now down for the year, things were indeed bleak. Add in that Utter Genius allows for starting two Quarterbacks, and knowing Russell Wilson is #1 there (I told you I had a lot of Seahawks), with the league rules being a roster cannot have more than two signal callers, it indeed looked like a rough cycle.

taliaferroI was happy to pick up Lorenzo Taliaferro to help plug the gap a little, but the thing that was worrying me was my defensive squad, the Niners.

I have indeed watched San Francisco melt down over the second half the last two weeks, scoring just three total points over their past two games, choking away wins with a porous defense that I thought would be a lot better.

I kept hearing my friend Leo Leon remarking after Week 1 even that the Niners were in trouble, in my head (Leo is right) so I was having second thoughts about playing the SF defense against the undefeated Eagles. That would be a team with Nick Foles, who had three straight 300-yard passing games, along with both LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles, this just seemed like a doomed week.

So, while perusing the free agents Thursday morning as I was filling the roster holes, I spotted the pretty good Washington defense was facing the new Giants offense that save two quarters last week, looked a lot like the old Giants offense of the last couple of years.

So, I dropped Woodhead for the Washington D.

In Utter Genius, a defensive squad begins a game with 25 points, and all Washington did to kick start my week was total -6.5 going into Sunday, a less than encouraging sign.

Well, San Francisco may have allowed 21 points, but they were on a punt return, a blocked punt and an interception return, meaning the Niners defense did not allow any scores (it is also the first time in NFL history a team has scored all three of those ways in one game). They also managed 16.5 points, which makes a 23 point difference in the totals.

That would have given me 92 points going into Monday night where I have Julian Edelman and Alex Smith suited up and ready to go rather than the 69.2 points I have, barely half the 144.5 total of Jeremy Kahn's 13 Time Finishers.

That means 2-2 going into Week 5.

It also means--or more important reinforces--the premise to always start your best players. Always. Better to lose with them than face just about any alternative.

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