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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

I looked at my Tout Wars numbers for today just a little while ago and I am having a great day. 20 innings over three starters, with just two runs and 15 base runners allowed to go with 15 whiffs, and a .433 OBP with a swipe.

But, perhaps my season can be best summed by Chris Archer's performance today: 7.6 innings, three hits, two walks, six whiffs, one earned run, and a loss.

In AL Tout, I have been among the leaders for pretty much the entire season, along with my Mastersball partner Rob Leibowitz, and Rotowire's Jeff Erickson, and all three of us have built strong teams and traded well, while playing a solid FAAB, hanging in the 80-point range virtually all year long.

The problem for us is that Glenn Colton and Rick Wolf, of Fantasy Alarm, have had a nearly perfect season, drafting in what has turned to be a brilliant fashion, getting bargains, but mostly assembling the most consistent team I have ever witnessed.

As I write, Jeff has 81 points, I have 83, and Rob 89 (generally close to enough to win), but Rick and Glenn have an amazing 107.

Got that?


This is in a 12-team 5x5 where the most points a team can possibly grab over a 162-game season is 120, meaning only 13 points elude the Fantasy Alarmers from that perfection.

At present, team Colton/Wolf leads in five categories, are second in one, third in one, fourth in one, and fifth in two.

What is amazing is that their team has been this strong all season.

I had thought maybe when Garrett Richards was injured that perhaps the Fantasy Alarm team would slump just for a few weeks, but instead they picked up a couple of points, buoyed by the emergence of Corey Kluber and Rick Porcello along with Richards' great season helped their well priced pitching support the stellar offense which includes Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Victor Martinez, Albert Pujols and Alex Gordon.

The 107 points Rick and Glenn amassed is easily the most ever, blitzing Sam Walker's 100 points in 2008, and the pair have pretty much run the season in first, something if memory serves, only Jeff Erickson managed in 1999.

Truth is, some years I try things and they work, and some years I try the same things and they fail. Last March in New York, I did the same and it worked to the tune of those 83 points, but just third place, definitely enough to contend every year, except this one.

Congrats guys for a job well done, and an elusive AL Tout title that is equally well deserved! 

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