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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

After texting my mate Todd that I should have frozen Ryan Mathews rather than trade for Doug Martin, Lord Zola responded, "yeah, and if I had not discovered pizza and beer I would be as thin as you."

Could be, but fantasy is the one area in my life that I allow for second guessing.

And, I will likely second guess my season--which already seems lost--in the North American Internet Fantasy Football League, founded by Lord Z himself, and probably the toughest of my six leagues, all year.

First and foremost, as we are barely into the second week of play, I am already second guessing letting Jordy Nelson go for Martin, and with that as just a start, if my Cam Shafts team gets a win this year, at this point I will indeed consider the season a triumph.

If freezing the questionable Martin was not enough, behind him I drafted Ben Tate as a #2 running back, and as you might be able to tell by my team moniker, Cam Newton is my signal caller.

But, this week I was hesitant to start the just off injury maybe a tad rusty Panther, so I picked up Jake Locker to fill that spot instead, and so far, the crappy Dallas defense is chewing him up.

Add in that one reason I felt safe trading Nelson was that I was sitting on DeSean Jackson as the wideout to freeze, but as I watch, Jackson too is out for the day.

Meaning, I will probably need to change my team name to the Skeleton Crew.

And, even though I have had a pretty good team in NAIFFL the past two years, making the playoffs once, and just missing due to H2H points, I do have a history in the league that makes my freezes and moves seem storied. But, not in a good way.

Twas I who traded before the draft a few years back for Plaxico Burress, and of course that was his self-destructive year. As it it wasn't enough for him to get hurt on the field, he had to shoot himself.

And maybe, as the afternoon wore on, and Mathews too was hurt, and as the Chargers inexplicably took apart the Seahawks with the same dispatch that the Cowboys wiped out the Titans, I guess my neuroses can feel secure in remembering it is only Week 2. (I guess the Saints and the Niners must take the same solace.)

That means J.J. Watt might not have made a tackle, but he caught a pass in the end zone. It also means that Antonio Gates showed us what he has left, with three scores. And, it means if Mathews is out, maybe my man-crush on Danny Woodhead will prove prescient.

That means once again the Raiders suck.

I guess it could be worse: I could have frozen RGIII?

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