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Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

OK, so the big epiphany I had during the wad of mostly crazy first Sunday NFL games occured as I watched Matt Ryan, who along with Anquan Boldin, and Russell Wilson, constitute my favorite players in the NFL, drive downfield tying the Saints with no time left on the clock, and then turning in an overtime victory.

That magical thought?

That the name Matt Ryan is a complete sub-set of Matt B-Ryan-t, the Falcons kicker.

Weird, and something I just never noticed before, but, with overtime in Chicago (please Jay Cutler, stop throwing into a crowd) and a weird first four possessions by Dallas against San Francisco, this opening NFL Sunday was fraught with the usual retinue of insecurity that follow the draft.

In fantasy baseball, I have such a better feel if a player is going to start, and ruin his knee the first play from scrimage, or simply keep his job.

But, football teams just seem to get deeper and more diverse, and well, what can I say, when Todd and I drafted at the FSTA back in June, selecting Jamaal Charles as the #1 overall pick, it seemed like a much better choice than it does right now.

But, sometimes there is that goofy Opening Day roster karma, as in that same FSTA league, though Charles under-produced, we matched up against a team that started Cam Newton.

Or, in the Knights of the Passover Table League that Zach Kweller founded among a bunch of us who have had Pesach together for years, I had Ben Tate, a top pick, go down against Adam Landers-Schnur's  "Heart of Gould" (yes, he has Robbie) but Zach started Eddie Lacy. (Unfortunately, Adam also started Matt Ryan.)

On the other hand, first NFL weekend is peppered with Tuffy Rhodes performances all over the place every year. The problem is we cannot really be sure half the time.

Is Brandin Cooks that good? Yes.

Is Cordarrelle Patterson going to be dangerous all season? Yes.

What about Kelvin Benjamin, when he gets Cam Newton? I think so.

Will Justin Forsett make Ray Rice obsolete? Could well be.

But, I am not so sure about Mark Ingram and Chris Johnson, and Chris Ivory has a breakout game every year. And, I pick him up as a FAAB guy, and then he does nothing for five weeks, and I drop him, and then he has another breakout game.

It is all part of the frustration, and part of the charm of watching football, and playing fantasy football, no?

But, it is just the best time of the year, as we flip frantically from baseball pennant races during commercials of the football games, and then back to football between innings.

Welcome back. I suspect it will be a fun ride, no matter how Matt spells his surname. Or who he is.


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